#110 I Made it Today

I finally made it around the track again with no pain.  I’ve been rehabbing and struggling, but I made it today.  I looked my best during my 300+ day streak of walking lunges at 800 meters.  I’m eventually going to get back to that, but I need to start with a 400 meters streak.


Fighting Through

We all have things we are fighting through.  You may have the perception that I’m a machine, and I am, but I’m still fighting through things.  Age is a part of it, and training and competing all these years is another part.  It’s just a part of the game.  It’s like when I hurt myself on a clean.  It took a while to get my body back to where it needed to be.


The Accomplishment

It feels similar to the first time I ever did 400 meters.  Maybe not quite as intense a feeling, but it’s along the same vein.  To sit here post-400 meters and not be tight and hurt is a great feeling.  It’s a feeling I want to keep.  This is what I work and study for.  All the trial and error.  Figuring out this stuff now, before an injury pops up, is highly valuable.


Create Momentum

Get shit moving.  Dive into the process and create momentum.  Once the momentum is there, things get much smoother.  400 meters of walking lunges may sound far, especially if you’re brand new.  I get it.  But think about what happens when you string together one, two, 30, 60, or 90 days.  You’re healthier, leaner, stronger, and more confident than you were day one.  Then maybe you graduate to 800 meters.  It’s a whole different world.


Don’t Dodge the Lunges

Many dodge the lunges for one reason or another.  They’re difficult.  Many don’t believe in them.  But guess what?  They work.  They tie everything together, mentally and physically.

We’re in for the long game.  The small wins compound over time.  I set big goals for myself, but it all comes down to the small wins stacked on top of each other to get where you want to go.  Concentrate on the small wins, no matter how difficult they may be.  It all comes down to understanding that, believing it, building confidence, getting small wins, executing, and consistency.  Winners win.


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