#119 Stare it Down

The first milestone has been reached.  800 meters of walking lunges for 30 days straight.  Of the 30 days, 20% were extremely difficult to get through.  The body is a servant to the mind.  John Broz used to always say to me, “The body lies to you.” 

One day proved to be particularly challenging.  21 degrees.  It took me 46 minutes to do 800 meters, but then I came back a few days later and did a 800 in sub-20 minutes.  Yesterday was a brutal 30 minutes, day 29.  Today was 24 minutes at a smooth pace.


Welcome it

Embrace the streak.  You have to stare down what’s coming.  You have to welcome it.  I welcome it because that’s where the growth is.  If you can’t step up and stare down the hard days, then how are you going to enjoy the easier days?  Pack a motherfucking lunch every day.  Be willing to take on whatever is thrown your way.  Stare it down. 


It’s Hard

It’s fucking hard… all of it.  Life, work, training, etc.  We all fall in and out of it from time to time.  It’s just a part of the process.  Take on the adversity.  Stare down the fucking barrel. 

Execute with confidence.  Keep pushing with confidence.  Where’s the confidence come from?  The daily routine.  Putting in the 800 meters, the personal development, the training, and the Anabolic Fasting lifestyle.


Expect More

Expecting more out of yourself allows you to stare it down.  The daily routine is what you rely on.  The daily routine instills confidence.  The daily routine is the fucking sword you’ve been sharpening every day.


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