#123 Take the Governor Off

As I write this, I’m standing in my dream building.  I didn’t know if we were going to have to build our own, or that one already existed.  Turns out, one did exist.  What started as a concept became a reality.


The Governor

Sometimes we put the governor on because we can’t see the path directly in front of us.  Maybe you’re holding yourself back consciously or subconsciously.  Maybe you don’t think that it’s possible.  We all do this to some degree, in all areas of life. 

This is something I learned from the GOAT himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  There’s no cap.  There’s no ceiling.  Why put limitations on yourself?  Once you take the governor off, anything becomes possible.


The Law of Attraction

Was this the best time to pursue this building?  Absolutely not, especially after executing a substantial buy-out of my former business partner.  What was I doing leading up to acquiring this building?  

I was starting the process to better understand what it would take to create this reality.  I started looking at land.  Then, I met a guy that knew of a building that I might be interested in but wasn’t currently up for sale.

When I first set foot in this new building, I knew 100% that this was it.  I knew without a doubt that this was the spot that I needed.  I knew that I had to make a play, seize the opportunity, and take the governor off.

What’s really possible when I get this done?  Take the governor off and dream.


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