#124 Have Your Goals Around Fun

What’s the Goal?

Sometimes people base their goals too much around things or money, versus simply having more fun.  If it’s fun it’s not work, right?  If the end game is doing something you enjoy, then you can make fun out of anything that you’re doing.

Oddly enough, I’ve been around a lot of multi-ply powerlifters that don’t look like they’re having any fun.  It’s super strange because there’s also in love with that style of powerlifting.  When it comes down to it, you have to be happy to be there.  This is something that Anthony Oliveira has applied directly into his training and competing.


The Process

“Don’t be so focused on the top of the mountain,” Anthony says.  The climb up should be fun too.  And that’s where part of the challenge lies.  All of my major career changes have been based on whether or not I was having fun.  None of them were based on money.  In fact, I was leaving money on the table because I wasn’t having fun.


Making Changes

I knew I possessed a skill set to go make money again, but I needed to enjoy what I was doing.  A large percentage of people out there get their paycheck and accept whatever they’re doing, no matter the cost. 

Money isn’t the only goal.  You’ve heard it over and over again.  Would you rather be making six figures and hating your life, or making five figures and loving every second?  When you love something, it becomes even easier to put everything you have into it.  It doesn’t even feel like work.


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