#139 All About Visualization

I’m always evaluating situations & scenarios, working on ideas, thinking about my craft, thinking about efficiency, and thinking about where things could be.  My brain has just always operated that way.


Super Clear

Then, sometimes shit becomes super clear.  For example, when I walk into the new super HQ, I can see it all.  It turned out even better than I could have imagined, which is crazy.


What’s Possible

Sometimes someone or something is all it takes to spark some visualization.  Who do you follow or admire?  Maybe it’s a person, maybe it’s a business.  Are you the source of inspiration for someone?  There are levels to everything.  There’s always a starting point.

When you start to think what’s possible, it’s time to pair that with visualization.  How's that look for me?  How's that look for this business?  How's that look for us?  Then you're like, "All right, what's that strategy look like?  What’s the impact?"


Can’t Unsee It

This is an inside look at my thoughts.  Once you start to see the entire picture, you can’t unsee it.  From there it all comes down to making what’s in your head into a reality.  This is exactly happened with the super HQ.  I was looking at plots of land to potentially build a building one day.  I’m not a big five-year plan guy, but I was in the realm of two to five years.

Can it look like Old School?  Will there be enough space?  Can I afford to do something that big?  Just by looking, I ended up with a contact that puts me on a text message with the person that owned the building that I just bought… which wasn't for sale.  I walk in and I knew it within the first 10 seconds.  And then I walked into the next room, and I knew it again, packing area.  Then I walked into the next room, warehouse.  I saw it all.  From there, I couldn’t unsee it.  All I could do was think about the endless possibilities.


Visualization is Real

The visual was super real to the point where it turned out even better than expected.  All there was left to do was to put in the work and execute.  Do things like this come up all the time?  No.  Not only this, but much of the time they don’t even come true.

In this scenario, things happened exceptionally fast.  I persevered through a couple of things and made it through the closing.  Shout out to everyone that made this a reality.  Jon Yolles, all the guys at Max Effort, all the guys at CoryG Fitness, and everybody at Old School.  Everybody had to pull through to make this happen.


Watching It Play Out

The stage was set.  I could see the pieces starting to come together.  I can equate this to when veteran athletes talk about the game moving slower for them.  I never fully understood what they meant until now.  Peyton Manning, Tom Brady.  It's like the game is still fast, but to them it's slow.  Things become easier when you become a master at something. 

By no means am I a master at any of this stuff, but I've been doing it for so long that I, one, have seen what's possible.  Two, I've done some crazy things in my life.  Three, I've had some crazy shit that didn't work out.  But I know that it's there.


Start to See

Things start opening up when you string things together that make sense.  And you're like, "Man, this is it.  This can be me.  This can be the next level.  This is how I do it in my own way." 

Don't deny that because of some bullshit thing someone says or let the self-doubt creep in.  Feed the animal.  Everything comes and goes, so ride the momentum when it’s there.  Sometimes I’m banging out 10 articles in a week, and then the next week I’m dry.  Sometimes the creative juices are flowing freely, and other times they aren’t.  Success is all about stringing these together.


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