#146 One Million Excuses

Everyone has a million fucking excuses.  Excuses of why this or that doesn’t happen, excuses about why you don't look the way you want to look, excuses about why you're not able to lift the way you want to lift, and excuses about why you're not making the money you want to make. 

We all do this.  It's much easier to just say this or that instead of going, "No, it's this way because of X."  Do your best to check yourself in that exact moment.  Don’t allow yourself to go down a negative trail of excuses.


For Example

You see a guy or girl that’s in shape.  It’s easy to go, “It’s all genetics.  They probably don’t work that hard.  They probably can eat whatever they want.”  Blah blah blah

Later, you find out that this person used to be overweight.  Then, you find out that they get up at 3:00am every day.  Then, you find out that they lunge 800 meters every day.  Then, you find out that their nutrition is solid.

How did they end up this way?  It’s because they didn’t make a bunch of excuses. 


The Turning Point

I used to always think to myself, "All these guys are on these covers of magazines because they're 220 and ripped, or they have a better agent, or because they knew somebody on the inside.”

Thankfully, I was able to quit this bullshit and change my perspective.  That perspective became, “Why not me?  I have the work ethic.  I’m going to have the look.  I’m going to get lean as shit.  I’m going to bring the best version of myself forward.”


I Waited It Out

Eventually, the best version of CoryG got the nod.  Getting the nod gave me the confidence edge to feel like I could do anything.  Did it take a long time?  Yes, 8-10 years.  I went to photoshoots for multiple covers that never came out.  I was told that I was too small, or that I wasn’t tight enough.  Meanwhile, most people out there were taking drugs and much bigger.

It was an 8-10 year process of getting denied and not working.  At this point, it was very easy to make excuses.  But then when it happened, everything went next level.  I wanted more.  I kept pushing.  I kept believing in myself.  I kept developing a leaner, bigger, nastier and more confident version of myself.


Shoulder Injury

Look at when I tore my rotator cuff, or think of a major injury you’ve had in the past.  How much easier is it to give in to a bunch of excuses?  Despite one less rotator cuff, I was recently able to board press 315 pounds.  The week before I close-gripped 300 pounds.

Don’t take the easy way out.  Ignore the excuses and work on finding a solution.  Reflect daily.  Check yourself to ensure that you’re not taking the easy way out and get to work.


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