#156 Doubt is Expensive

Taking Big Weight Again

I’m finally back to taking big weights again in the gym.  I was getting ready to take 515 on the squat after being banged up for a while.  I jumped from 475 to 515.  Then I said to myself, “Fuck it, let’s go 565.”  I called for the extra quarter for two reasons… first, I wanted to push myself, and second, I had no doubt that I could make the lift. 

I’m always looking at the other side.  How fucking gangster would it be if I make this lift?  How big of a boost of confidence would I get from making this lift?  It’s literally 35 pounds away from my best ever on the bar, and I’m 10 pounds lighter.


Is Doubt Holding You Hostage?

I didn’t doubt that I had it in me today.  The same goes for business.  Doubt can be expensive.  If you commit to something, then let the doubt creep in, then you’re going to be holding yourself hostage.  Doubt will hold you back from experiencing true growth in every sector of your life.  Your lifestyle and relationships, your business, and your growth as a person.



Why are you doubting yourself?  Do I not believe in the project?  Do I not believe in the people around me?  Do I not believe in the product?  Are you succumbing to the thoughts and opinions of other people?  All these things play a factor, some more than others.  I’m guilty of it myself from time to time.  After I identify why the doubt is there, I ask myself, “What is the doubt going to cost me?”

I’m in the process of writing my next book.  Think about all the opportunities for self-doubt during the writing process.  Will it ever become a bestseller?  Is it good enough?  Is this the right title?  Is it going to be impactful?  These are the small seeds of self-doubt that can overtake the undisciplined mind.


The Impact

Well guess what?  I know that I’m going to make an impact.  How do I know?  I know because of the countless examples around me.  Look at the process I just went through with acquiring a new building to put the gym, Max Effort, and the podcast studio under the same roof.  If I caved into the pressure, there is no way that this would have ever happened.  I didn’t doubt that this would work for one fucking second.

If you let those things continue to creep in, they're going to be expensive in multiple ways.  They're going to be expensive financially, expensive in lifestyle, and expensive for your happiness.  It’s just the truth.


Evaluate the Situation

Old School and Max Effort are closer, and my family can now be a part of the gym on a regular basis.  There are three different businesses here.  In 15 feet, I can be in all three of them.  I can walk from Old School to Max Effort to the Lunge & Learn Network.

I could look at the other side.  What happens if no one listens to the podcast?  What happens if the book ideas that you are working on suck?  What happens if Max Effort quits selling?  What happens if nobody wants to come to the gym?  All of these things try to creep in, but I know that they are all false.  How do I know?  Because we forced this shit to work, because it’s authentic, and because we believe in what’s going on here.


What’s It Costing You?

What’s the other side of the equation costing you?  Is it costing you another level of opportunity?  Fuck yeah, it is.  Is it costing you that next level of operation that you want for yourself?  Fuck yeah, it is.  Is it costing you the next level of potential that you know you have deep down inside of you?  Absolutely.

I’m not going to be one of those people that live with regret.  I refuse to.  Other than not speaking up at certain times, I can confidently say that I have no full blown, real regrets.  I’m rolling the motherfucking dice because I believe it’s going to be the right number, even though you don’t have control over every factor all the time.


Start Building Confidence

If pushing out the doubt is difficult for you, then start building confidence.  This is precisely what my next book is about.  Why do you think I get up at three in morning?  I’m doing it to battle the doubt so I can fucking win.  What are you doing on a day-to-day basis to battle the self-doubt?

Consistency is a superpower.  I was talking to Nate Ebner, who played for the Patriots for a long time.  First thing I said to him after meeting him was, “Nate, what did you pick up from Tom Brady?”  He didn't say anything that special.  He said, "consistency."  The consistency of his preparation and you always knew that he was going to be there to lead by example.  There was a clear expectation of winning.

Look at what happened when Brady went to Tampa Bay.  He already knew you was going to be in contention for the Super Bowl because that’s what he does.  His relentless preparation and consistency pushes the doubt from his mind.


Don’t Put a Cap on Yourself

I’m lunging, training, learning, studying, and battling doubt every single day.  I’m going to squeeze every fucking ounce I have out of this life.  All of it.  I do my best to not have a cap, and you need to do your best not to have a cap too.  Battle it through consistency and through building your confidence.  Only then can you give yourself a real chance to live the life you really want.  

Don’t let the doubt cost you because it’s expensive.  Because one day, there's always that day where it's done.  Where you know it's done.  You know that you don’t have the pop to keep pushing.  Maybe your health left you and you don’t have anything else left in the tank.  It will happen to all of us, but motherfucker, it’s not today.


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