#166 You're One Idea or Referral Away

It’s Really That Close

This is why you always need to have lines in the water.  This is why you always must be trying new things.  When I look back at my career, sometimes it’s the things that you don’t even think are good that lead to something great.  Sometimes a random connection introduces you to someone that can change your life. 

Everything’s happening at the same time.  Trying new looks, testing new protocols, helping new people, and trying new podcasts.  You know how many people have messaged me about my Daily Fires over the last couple years?  Too many to count.


Believing in the End of the Story

Believing in the End of the Story is what I do.  I believe in what's going to happen with our podcast network at the highest level.  I’ve believed this since the first time I was on Barbell Shrugged.

I’ve always thought and believed that there's a greater purpose for my personal skills.  I believe that myself and my team have a great impact on a large platform.  I believe in the end of the story.

I’m going to continue casting out lines and meeting new people in the space.  What happens if we eventually signed with a network like Showtime?  Could we sign with Spotify?  What about Barstool?  The possibilities are endless.


Are You Putting in the Reps?

In the meantime, we’re going to continue building.  We’re one piece of content or one relationship away.  Why would I quit?  The only reason to quit something is if you don’t believe that it could happen.

Ask yourself… am I still networking around my dream?  Am I putting the reps in?  Am I coming up with new ideas that could potentially propel my business to the next level?  Am I putting forth the required effort, or are you just fucking chilling?  Are you putting yourself out there?


Constantly Test Yourself

Constantly test yourself.  Implement this into your way of operating.  You’re going to have some weeks where you’re cruising.  Everything is working.  Everyone does.  Even though things may be working, don’t get complacent.  Continue questioning, testing, and retesting to continue improving.  You never know who you’re going to impact.

Look at Nipsey.  He said he was mad when he didn’t get signed as a 12-year old artist like Kriss Kross.  But then he thought to himself, "But I'm not putting out any music. I'm just rapping in my bedroom."  How could he get signed if they don’t even know that he was rapping?

So, how could I be a big podcaster if you didn’t know that I’ve done a thousand episodes?  Or that I have 10+ years of content and information that can impact people?


Consistency With the Body of Work

Continue putting in the reps.  Don’t miss.  The results will be staggering.  I know what time it is.  I know what can happen.  I'm going to keep putting out these feelers.  I'm going to keep putting up this value.  I'm going to keep making it happen until those opportunities show themselves.

Double down on whatever you’re trying to make happen.  Are you thinking that you're making it happen or are you actually making it happen?  Is that enough?  What’s happening in your life?  Is that enough to put it over the edge?  Is it enough consistently?  


Reps Lead to the Referral

Keep in mind, no one is entitled to a timeframe.  It happens when it happens.  One idea, one rep, potentially one referral way.  You must be willing to do what it takes… consistently.


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