#168 Belief Creates the Vision So You Can See the Invisible

What Sorcery is This?

I’m going to answer my own question…  The consistent reps over time help create the belief.  The belief in the process, the belief in yourself, the belief in the system, and the belief in the purpose.  All of it.  

You must put the reps in daily.  On a relentless level.  With enough of these reps, things start to become clearer.  From there, you’ll be able to chart a direction for where you want to go.  That’s where the sauce is.  You begin to see the invisible, meaning, things start to become less foggy.


It's a Vision

It’s a vision, but it’s almost like it already happened.  For example, The Roundtable podcast that drops each week.  I think it has the fucking sauce.  In this scenario I see us four at the table signing the deal with a big company that’s going to put us on a massive platform.  And it’s all because of the impact we’re having on people.

I see it so vividly that it feels like it’s already happening.  We just had to put the reps in each week to create the belief within our team and ourselves, to then all buy into the vision of it happening.


You Can’t Skip Step 1

These things have happened in my life so many times because of step one.  Step one is the crucial component that leads to the rest.  Actual belief, not fake ass confidence.  It’s not about putting up a front to make yourself look good.  I’m talking about the genuine belief that when this product goes out, that a million dollars’ worth of people want to buy it.  The actual belief that people will value the membership so they could join to follow the workouts.   

I’m going to will it to happen.  I’m able to do this because the reps, belief, and practical application are dialed in at a high level.  What happens from here?  Proper execution.  Then, when the team is firing on all cylinders, you start to truly understand that there are no limits.  Everything we’re involved with has no limit due to the number of reps being put in every single day.


The Ultimate Cheat Code

The collection of reps, work, and belief compounded over time is the cheat code to realizing your vision… and beyond.  People have asked me, "G, how did you know or really believe that you could get on the cover of that magazine?"  

I believed wholeheartedly.  I was in, 100%.  I didn’t have a person that I was competing with, but I committed myself entirely.  I wouldn’t cheat on my diet for months.  I would never miss a meal.  I would never miss a workout.  I would never miss the visualization of me picking it up off the newsstands.  I never missed.  I retained my strong belief even after my first cover shoot never came out.  Same thing happened with my second shoot… it never hit the shelves.

I showed up to the same photoshoot as Greg Plitt.  Greg’s an absolute legend in the space.  He literally thought I was part of the crew.  He asked me what my job was.  I told him I was next up.  Totally embarrassing to be this unprepared. 


Keep Coming Back

Despite the setbacks, I kept fighting and learning from my mistakes.  I came back two years later and scored my first cover.  From there it exploded to 13 covers.  This all would have never happened if I couldn’t see it.  I was even lucky enough to grace the cover with my kids hanging off me.  One of my proudest moments.

Not only this, but my business partner threw this exact cover to Arnold in a business meeting.  There's no way I could even create that thought process to think that was even possible.  But it was.


Belief is Built on…

Belief can’t be empty or built on a house of cards.  The foundation must be strong.  Strong belief is built on hard work, development, repetition, a strong team, and a strong support system.  I’ve already been there before and know what it feels like.  And that’s what I’ll continue to do. 

The road there is not clearly defined.  It happens when you force it to fucking happen.  Do you have to be a little bit lucky?  You could look at it like that, or you could listen to Gary Player: "The harder I work, the luckier I get."  It's just what it is.


Don’t Stop Three Feet Short

Need another resource to help you get started?  Read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  One story in the book is about the miner that stopped three feet from gold.  He had the gold vein, then it stopped.  The miner didn’t understand that just like coal, patterns of gold flow into the earth.  They needed to hire someone who understood geology to examine the gold vein that disappeared.  But they didn’t.  The miner gave up and sold all his equipment. 

What happened?  The person who took over hired the right people and discovered that the gold vein was three feet away from where it stopped initially.  The first miner gave up too early.  Think about that for a second. 

Do you want to give up too early?


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