#17 Unparalleled Uncertainty


Everyone’s Uncertain

Everyone's uncertain.  We've never felt like this.  There's that crazy feeling just when you do anything of people acting erratic.  Then you think, "Well, should I be acting like that?  Should I be hoarding all the meat in my freezer right now?  I mean, I'm afraid to take a shit because I ain't going to have toilet paper.”   

I mean, what the fuck is going on out here?  I'm tweeting, "Hey, quit buying toilet paper.  Start buying dumbbells.  The gym's closed."  I opened my gym in 2003, and for 17 years we've been open every motherfucking day.  We’re open on Christmas.  We’re open on Thanksgiving.  We're open every fucking day, but not today.  That's real.  You know how fucking weird it was?  Sure, I could go to the gym because I own it, and train by myself.  Me and Trey could have gone and did it, but it just felt off.  I went and lunged.  I worked this morning.  I'm going to work out.


Uncertain Feelings

It’s something I’ve never experienced before.  Look, there are way bigger problems than me being able to work out with my crew at 4:00am.  I get it.  I’ve seen it through my messages on social media.  They have been blown up with people asking for help with at-home workouts.

The overall tone of when you're out in public is a huge feeling of uncertainty.  What's happening right now from the stock market, to business closures, and is there going to be help for a lot of people that need it?  It's wild out here.  Not to mention the higher levels of stress smashing your creativity.


The Grocery Store

I was on my way to the grocery store.  I was just doing my normal routine after I was done lunging.  I go to the grocery store to get yams a couple of days a week.  I was there 10 minutes early because I had to get gas first.  And what I experienced is probably nothing like y'all have seen maybe.  It was an eerie feeling this morning.  I'm just trying to get my normal stuff.  I'm going to have to eat rice the next couple days/weeks... and I don't even eat rice.  The uncertainty is hurting a lot of people and I just don't feel like the same creative person because of all this stuff going on.   

I'm here to bring value.  I'm here to be honest.  I'm here to help you guys understand what I'm feeling.  I know what you're feeling.  Everybody has their own little version of it, but just know that through these times we have a lot more time with our family because we're forced to.  We have a lot more time to work and develop ourselves.


More Family

We're essentially forced to have more family time and less work.  Listen to me for a second.  I'm trying to try to take this as a positive.  I was doing things like working on some volleyball stuff with my daughter yesterday.  We don't do things like that.  She's at gymnastics for four hours.  She's thinking, "I can't do that sport right now, Dad.  I can't go to the gym.  You know what?  I've been thinking about volleyball.  Let's go out and in the driveway and bump the volleyball around."  I was like, "This is awesome."  Normally she doesn't get home until 9:00pm. 

Me and AG are working on some stuff too.  From me understanding his computer stuff more, and just getting a chance to take more time.  I'm trying to look at it like, we don't have anything to do tonight.  We just don't.  So, I'm taking advantage of this unique opportunity we’ve been given.  I didn't want it because of this, but I'm trying to flip it.  I'm always looking for a positive.


Always the Positive

I even looked for a positive whenever my father passed away.  What was the positive?  His daily perspective.  What's the positive now?  I'm forced, but I like it, to be with my family more.  I'm a busy motherfucker.  They're busy. Everyone's fucking busy.  But in these unparalleled, uncertain times, if there is a positive, the people that you are quarantined with, get a chance to know them a little bit better.  Life's fast.  Everyone's busy.



My wife used to be a teacher.  She hasn't taught for years.  Now she has to homeschool our kids.  That's real.  The reality was I talked to a senior yesterday that's our intern, Mitch.  He's like, "I'm done."  No prom.  Of course, I don't know. Has prom already happened?  No.  No prom.  No senior skip day.  That shit's gone. That's real. Most of us experienced that stuff.

I know if this was me 15 years ago, my family would be really struggling to make it through this.  I get it because I lived that way before.  I might be set up because of my businesses from the past a little bit better than most, but I'm not naive to that.


Hold onto the Positive

Grab the positive.  Try to hold onto it because it's sad to say it might get a little worse before it gets better.  I think we all believe that.  I just want to be as honest and as open as I could be today on here to let everyone know I'm going to keep pushing.  I'm going to keep trying to bring you guys perspective.  I'm going to keep trying to push you guys to develop yourselves during this time, to take this family time to get better, to know the people around you a little bit more.  You're going to be stuck with them for a little while, and that's it.


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