#199 You See the End Result, But I’m Teaching You the Process

You see the abs looking crazy… end result.
You see some of the crazy lifts going up in the #4amcrew… end result.
All end results.


Falling in Love With the Process

I look forward to getting up and training.  I look forward to lunging.  I look forward to the meal prep.  I look forward to the things that a lot of people try to run away from. 

When I was younger, things weren’t quite the same.  I was more likely to give in and say “Fuck it” when I wanted pizza on this day.  But guess what?  If your goal doesn’t allow for pizza on a Tuesday because you’re trying to get brick soup, then that’s the way it is.


Doing Whatever It Took

Way back early on in my bodybuilding career I made myself like cottage cheese and avocados.  I didn’t like either one.  I made myself like oatmeal.  It’s funny because I don’t even eat some of this stuff anymore.  I don’t even like chicken anymore because I ate it for most of my meals for 15 years. 

I knew what I needed to do, and I was willing to do what it took to get me where I wanted to go.  Putting in the groundwork and nailing the fundamentals are essential to success.  For diet and nutrition, you must put in the right type of fuel, plain and simple.  If you keep putting diesel in a normal car, then you’ll inevitably have problems.

Being on my game a high percentage of the time allows me to enjoy the shit that I want.  Just like Arnold told me, “You have to have a little dysfunction with all that discipline.” 


Embrace It

I'm not trying to get out of lunges.  I can’t wait to get to the track because that means I get to listen to a book to make me smarter.  I’m not going to miss training.  I can’t wait to rip the bar off the ground or get under a heavy bar.  I look forward to Sunday meal prepping because I know it keeps my shit in line for the week.  I’m in love with the process.


Don’t Rush It

Everyone wants the end result.  I get it.  It’s flashy.  It’s where we want to end up.  BUT, you must take your time.  That’s why the CoryG Fitness app is set up the way it is.  That app contains everything I’ve learned over the last 20+ years.  Everything.

You have to be willing to show up every day.  You have to be willing to put in the work – including the not-so-glamorous work.  You have to earn it every single day.  Not you, not me, not anyone is entitled to look or lift a certain way.

Stop fixating on the end process get to work.  Adopt a brick-by-brick mentality.  Will Smith talks about this very concept in his new book.  When he was younger, his dad had him and his brother build a brick wall.  He told them, "I need you to just worry about laying one brick perfectly.  I don't need you to worry about the entire wall.  If you focus on laying each individual brick perfectly, then you’ll build a foundation that you cannot shake.”


Enjoy the Ride

Once I started enjoying the process, everything changed.  It’s an entirely different perspective.  People may think I’m nuts, but I already consider myself an outlier.  Am I really crazy, or am I actually onto something? 

The process is difficult.  That will never change.  Part of the reason why I probably don’t have 10 million followers is because I keep telling people to do hard shit.  But what happens if you learn to enjoy the process?  What happens if you start running towards the hard stuff?  What happens when you adapt to the lunges?  What happens when you listen to an hour of an audiobook or podcast every day?  What happens when you build your metabolic rate up to a high level?  What happens when you stop taking three minutes of rest between sets?  What happens when you start pushing your body to change?

There's a lot that's going to happen when you fall in love with the process.


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