#205 It’s Not What I Did, It’s How I Did It


Three Years of Work

I’m coming off a record personal squat – 655.9 pounds – at 181 pounds in the Master’s Division. 

That was the outcome after three years of hard, grueling work. It took plenty of perseverance to manage the ups and downs of going through my shoulder and back injuries. But this was the only way to give myself a chance to squat serious weight again.

I was lunging on the side of a hill for three months. One time I did five miles of lunges over seven days because it took so long for my body to loosen up. I was willing to try anything.


All I Need is a Chance

Most people have no idea what it took to get back to a healthy baseline. My crew, the people I work with, and my family saw most of what I was going through, but that was it.

It’s been an uphill battle ever since I decided against having surgery.

All I wanted was the opportunity. The opportunity to seize that moment under the bar. The constant curiosity, consistency and discipline, and trial & error led to that opportunity. I will never forget that squat and the work required to get back to that spot. I felt great, I was dialed in, and then I went out there and executed.


How Did I Get to That Point?

Consistency. Discipline. Dedication. Curiosity to get better. Showing up every fucking day, no matter what.

On day 18 of my 800-meter lunge streak I hurt my back on a front squat. I could barely walk after that front squat, but I still lunged those 800 meters. And then I got up the next day and lunged 800 meters again. I kept the streak alive and kept moving forward. I was 100% dedicated and I wasn’t about to miss.


Fall in Love With the Process

Fall in love with the monotony.
Fall in love with the stuff that no one wants to do.

I'm in love with the process. I'm addicted to the way it makes me feel. This is why I had the chance to get back under serious weight. It took a gang of time to just be able to have that as a possibility. 

If I'm not conscious, if I'm not dialed in, if I rush the rep, if I don't sink it deep enough, if I rush the unrack, if I don't listen to the cues, if I don't listen to a command, it could be taken away. And then you don't know if you're going to get that opportunity again.

Falling in the love with the process pays dividends many times over. It’s the ultimate difference-maker.


It Builds Confidence

Staying dedicated to the process builds confidence. That’s why I wrote How to Build Confidence and Win at Life. Dedicate yourself to the process, set goals, and become addicted. Only then will you have the chance to seize the moment.

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