#208 Being Fearful

Fear's an interesting concept, isn’t it? 

I process this emotion regularly, all the time. It’s powerful. Usually when you're being fearful, you're actually creating suffering for something that doesn't exist yet. Think about that for a second…


For Example…

For example, I have people come to my website/app because they’re intrigued about my diet & nutrition plan called Anabolic Fasting. Some other people come for my workout programs. 

They’re concerned that they are going to get small. They’re fearful that by doing high reps and volume that they are going to get weak and shrink. They’re afraid to jump into the protocol because they think something bad is going to happen, so they limit themselves from trying something that has been proven to work.


What’s the problem? They’re scared. What is this based on? Fear. They have literally no idea or basis for this fear.


What About Business?

Risk is always going to be present in the world of business. People are afraid of what may happen. Trust me, I get it. I’ve felt the same way before in my career.

Every risk and chance I take is calculated. Why? Because you don’t for sure know how things are going to shake out. No one has the crystal ball. You just don’t know. 

That’s where confidence comes in. Having the confidence in yourself that you will be able to figure things out as you go. Curveballs and obstacles are inevitable on the road to success. The million-dollar question is, “How will you handle and respond to them?”


The Value of Building Confidence

This is why working on your confidence game every day is crucial. Building confidence every day through experience and study is what will help you navigate these obstacles. And then guess what happens? Things seem less scary. The powerful emotion of fear dissipates quicker.

Analysis paralysis… ever heard of it? This is when people are so fearful and overanalytical that they never take a chance or make a decision. They can’t bear the thought of something bad happening. Don’t fall into this trap.


What’s the Worst-case Scenario?

Look, I don't want anything bad to happen. I never intentionally think that it's not going to work when I tackle something new. That may be part of the reason why it works though. What’s the worst-case scenario here? Will I survive if it happens? Personally, that’s the extent of my thought process. Then I never think about it again.

For example, when I came to buy the building that houses both Max Effort and Old School Gym, I evaluated the risk from A to Z. It was a big risk on paper, and I was overpaying a bit, but I was focused on the long-term potential of the building and lot.

What happens if the businesses don't do well, and they can't pay the rent? Well, then I'll have to find a solution. Maybe I would try to rent it out to someone else. I don’t think that will ever happen, but it’s worth the consideration. 

On the other side of my thought process was, “What if this really works? What if all the businesses were under one roof?”


Seizing Opportunity

As you have known or guessed, I jumped at the opportunity. I seized it. I created the environment to house my multiple businesses under one roof. To have Old School, Max Effort, and the Lunge & Learn Network under the same roof has made efficiency and execution skyrocket.

The team rallied behind the vision. Everyone was contributing. Everyone understood the possibilities. Everyone could feel the excitement and momentum building.

The fear diminished dramatically.


How to Decrease Your Fear

Are you going to create your own fear?
Are you going to create your own suffering?

Don’t get tangled in the web of fear. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Don’t create something that doesn’t exist yet. It’s not there, you’re creating it in your mind.

Choose optimism over pessimism. This is why I’m so big on personal development. This is why I wrote How to Build Confidence and Win at Life.

Believe in what’s possible. Don’t blindly take on new things. Be smart and be calculated when taking on risk. Control the variables that you can control and get to work.


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