#53 A Path to Confidence

I always wanted this.  Many think that I came out of the womb a confident cat.  I can assure you that this wasn’t the case at all.  Most of the reason why people start to lift weights is because they want to become more confident.  I wasn't getting bullied, but I wanted to be big and strong like my grandpa.  My grandpa was 6’2”, 245 pounds, benched 275, looked strong, was a man of his word, and people respected him.  I loved the way he carried himself.  He’s the guy that walks around with his chest out, looks you dead in the eye, and went about his business.  It’s real.  It’s confidence.  I wanted to follow in his footsteps.


Real Confidence

I wanted people to pay attention when I was at the front of the room.  Not because I need my ego stroked, but because I want them to feel it.  Here’s the thing; a lot of motherfuckers have plenty of fake-ass confidence.  That’s not confidence, that’s arrogance.  It’s not real, it’s fake.  They want you to think that it's real.

How do you build real confidence?  It’s all the fucking time and work you put in.  The time you put in with your workouts, conditioning, nutrition, relationships, work, and personal development.  It’s all the hard shit that you have to go through.  Although it may be hard, there’s always a blessing on the other side.


Double Down

What’s your path look like?  Are you only listening to music in the car?  Are you aimlessly wandering through each day?  What are you doing on a daily basis to be a more confident individual?

It’s why I made the decision to not listen to music on the way to the gym anymore.  I’ll only listen to audiobooks and podcasts that are going to allow me to hone my craft and mind.  Sure, I’ll listen to music at the gym.  I’m all about Nipsey, 2Pac, and Biggie.  But as soon as I get out of the gym, boom, I’m right back to it.  This is exactly how Lunge & Learn was born.  I was trying to trick you guys into listening to more material while you're doing your conditioning.  I'm building the body and the mind.  I already know what it's like because I've been doing it for years.


The Mirror

When you get up every morning, what do you do?  You look in the mirror.  Do you like what you see?  Are you unhappy?  Many people are.  Hey, I’m critical of myself too.  It doesn’t matter how many fucking abs you have.  It’s just the fucking truth.  But if you look in the mirror and know that you have a path, you have a system, and you’re working toward something, then that’s all you need.  It’s up to you to make it a reality. 

Think about when you dress up nice for work, you’re out with your girl, or you have to do a presentation in the boardroom.  These scenarios demand confidence.  You know why you're confident?  It’s because you put the time in, in the gym.  You put the time in on your mind.  You put your time in on your craft.  You put hours, the years, and the months in.

You're building confidence.  


Fake Confidence

This is something that I understood at a very young age.  I can tell the difference between true confidence and fake motherfuckers.  I’m not being arrogant, it’s just the truth.  I have worked on my confidence for so many years that I can tell when people are being fake.  I may not catch it at first, but if you fuck with me long enough, I’m going to catch it.  I urge you to dedicate yourself to a path of confidence.  Doing so will pay dividends with the way you feel, the way you carry yourself, the way you operate, and the decisions you make.


Confident Decision-Making

What do you think years and years of confident decision-making yields?  The ultimate belief that you will make things happen.  You know that you can take on whatever comes next.  What’s that mean?  You succeed.

The path of confidence.  That’s the path you’re on.  That's what I'm here to help you with.  I know what it feels like to stand in front of a room, to know what you're talking about, to feel in shape, and to feel on your game.  I also know what the other side feels like.  I’ll pick the first one every time. 

It’s just like Arnold says, "There's no ceiling to this life."  


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