#219 Everything Affects Each Other

 Everything Affects Each Other

Get Your Stuff in Line

Hard to get things popping when you don’t have things in line. Let me explain… When my diet, training, conditioning, and development are all in line, then things are smoother.

What’s this mean? It means that I can made sound, crisp decisions. I can take calculated risks with confidence. I feel more confident with the things I’m going after.

Your discipline isn’t going to be perfect. You’re going to falter from time to time in different areas of your life, but it’s important that you are fighting for more. More discipline breeds more of what you want.


Build Your Momentum

Each item you check off the list builds more and more momentum.

If I have my meal preparation on point, then chances are my supplements are going to be on lock. And because I have my training on lock, then I’m more likely going to do my daily lunges. And if I’m consistent with my lunges, then my personal development and study is strong.

Then, what do you think happens when I get to work? I’m more confident. I’m going to blaze whatever is thrown my way.


Think in Terms of Dominoes

The reality? Luck tends to come your way when you work hard. At the end of the day, I believe that you have to force your own luck. Doing so will give you the best shot at succeeding.

Think about your dominoes. Do whatever you can to get them in line.

Understand that it’s not always going to be smooth. Sometimes things are out of balance from time to time. But it’s important that you are always fighting to get your things in line. If you understand this concept, then you will understand it’s true power and how to harness it to your advantage. 

Don’t settle for mediocre. Don’t get used to feeling shitty. Push to feel better and to take care of yourself.

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