#222 The Good or the Bad Ends Soon

 The Good or the Bad Ends Soon

There’s Always an End

Sometimes it feels like you’re pushing the rock up the hill all by yourself. 

You’re eating shots. You’re battling. You’re pushing. You’re deep in the process. Then, you finally get that rock over the top, and if it really balls out, it starts running on its own.

But you’re eventually going to have to push it again. There are always going to be challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks in your path. Just know that there’s always an end to it.

Focus on putting in the time and reps – especially when things seem bleak and are difficult.


Good Times Don’t Last Forever

The same goes for the good times. Unfortunately, the good times don’t last forever. It’s just like the real estate market or the stock market… it can’t go up every day and never come down.

Nothing is forever.

I was watching this interview with Robert De Niro, and he said, "When shit's rocking, don't get too overconfident." What should you do instead? Take it in and enjoy it as much as you can… because you don’t know how long it will last. The faucet doesn’t stay on all the time.


The Obstacle Becomes the Way

Stay somewhere in the middle. Being in the middle is going to equip you to better handle both the highs and the lows. 

Life is far from linear. It’s full of detours – some you don’t want to take, and some you need to take. Personally, the detours I’ve taken throughout my career and life have better prepared me for what’s ahead.

Focus on staying as close to the middle as possible and train yourself to better understand the waves inevitably coming your way.

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