#233 I’m Always Looking for the Light

I'm Always Looking for the Light

Always Look for the Light

Always be looking for the positives, even when things seem rather bleak. Sure, you’re going to have traumatic events when the light is blotted out completely. I experienced this first-hand when my dad passed away in a single-car accident. My sister and I were up all night trying to find him.

I struggled to find anything positive from this situation. I struggled to find any light. I struggled to find any lesson. 

But even the toughest of times will eventually pass.


Facing Everyday Adversity

Everyone faces some sort of adversity or challenge every day, some more difficult than others. But I’m going to speak to the adversities and challenges that people experience on a regular basis here.

Things are going to be difficult. That’s just life. 

When faced with a challenge it’s up to you to ask yourself: “Where is the teaching moment here? Where’s the positive in this situation?”

Don’t head straight to everything that’s negative in that situation. The negative aspects are usually obvious any way. But it’s important that you pause and reflect on the question above before you spiral out of control.


How to Make the Situation Better

Don’t give the negatives more oxygen. They’re going to be there regardless because you’re already addressing and dealing with them.

So, where should you focus your attention and energy? 

On making the situation better. What can you learn from this situation so that it doesn’t happen again? What can you learn from this situation so that you’re better equipped next time? I can’t stress the importance of this enough.


Process Failure Differently

Flip failure on its head. 

Looking at the situation and seeing how you can learn from it is how you become bulletproof. If something doesn’t work, how can I not repeat it and how can I make the situation better?

What good will ever come from always focusing on the negative?

Choose to look for the light. The positive. Doing so is a much better way to live.

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