#235 I’m Not Starting Something to Beat Someone

I'm Not Starting Something to Beat Someone

Me vs. Me

I'm not starting something to beat a certain person. I’m starting and working on something so I can live out my dream. The only person I’m trying to beat is myself.

Me vs. Me.

People get this twisted and fall into the comparison trap all the time. Stop playing this game! I stopped playing the comparison game long ago because I began to see how shallow and pointless it truly was. 

I was faced with this dilemma head-on with my career in bodybuilding and powerlifting, but the comparison game applies to all areas of life. Everywhere you turn people are comparing themselves to this lifter or this bodybuilder. You’re constantly being pulled towards the trap.

What made it even easier to boot for me was that many of the guys I was going up against were on drugs. You simply can’t compare yourself to someone that’s on drugs.


You Do You

I'm not doing what everyone else is doing. I don't train the way that everyone else trains. I simply don’t care what everyone else is doing. I enjoy going against the grain and away from the herd. 

I’m not starting something to beat this or that person. I’m starting something because I’m trying to live the lifestyle and dream that I want to live.

My focus is on adding quality value consistently over time.


Don’t Be a Hater

That's why I love powerlifting. It's me versus the bar. It’s whatever you got for that day. Can you beat your previous numbers?

You know how easy it is to find someone on social media that’s stronger than you? It’s just the reality. But why would I start comparing my numbers to some dude who I don’t even know for no reason? What am I going to get out of that?

Choose to be inspired by someone, don’t be a hater. Harness that inspiration to help you get the most out of yourself. That’s my aim at CoryG Fitness, Max Effort Muscle, and with my #4amcrew.


How to Change Your Game

I’m focusing on being consistent.
I'm focusing on making myself better.
I’m focusing on being more disciplined.

I’m focusing on improving my lifts, my physique, my abs, my business, and my family and relationships.

I challenge and encourage you to push for more.

Bottom line: start something to beat you.

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