#236 The Process with Intention & Reliability

The Process with Intention & Reliability

The Process

You’ve heard plenty of people talk about how important “the process” is, but very few will focus and execute. It’s one of those things that sounds too simple, but so difficult to do.

People struggle with consistent execution. They can’t do the small things that seem boring over and over again. Doing the small things isn’t sexy.

They never get over the hump.


Focus on the Small Wins

Focusing on the big, daunting task can be paralyzing. So, what’s the remedy? Focusing on the small wins

Focus on the small wins to ultimately win big. 

People ask me all the time about training programs. What training program should I do? How can I boost my numbers? How can I get abs? But the problem is that they want the result now. They want to be able to start off on the same playing field as me, despite me starting this process back in 1999.

Not how it works. 

The methods and training methodologies you see today are a product of 20+ years of trial and error and experimentation.


Are You in or Out?

You aren’t going to be 100% in the process 100% of the time. 

For example, I came home from vacation a couple weeks ago feeling refreshed mentally, but my body is super sore and achy again. The volume I keep, especially for my age, is a high level. So, sometimes it takes me a bit longer to get back in the swing of the process.


Look Forward to Feeling Better

Look forward to feeling better. Get addicted to that feeling.

I couldn’t wait to come back from vacation so that I could start feeling better. Yeah, I stuck to my lunge streak and stay disciplined, but I was also drinking more, more dehydrated, sleeping in a different bed, etc.

It took me almost two weeks to get back to my regular baseline!

I’ve manufactured my own process. I've added and subtracted things over time. I know what it yields. Although it may be uncomfortable to get back in the swing of my process, I know that I can fully rely on it.


Dial it in… to WIN

Intentionally and consistently dial in your process. 

How do you do that? By being consistent every single day.

This goes for everything… body, mind, business, lifestyle, and relationships. They all require a process.

The process is what pulls you back on the tracks.
The process is what gets you back in the groove.
The process is how you win. 

Dedicate to the day-to-day small wins to win big in the long-term. The long-term becomes much more predictable when you focus on doing the small things consistently every day.

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