#239 Wake Your Ass Up Mentality

Wake Your Ass Up

Where it Started

Back in the day on Snapchat I would send out a Snap every morning saying, “Wake your ass up!” Many people used this as motivational fuel to wake their ass up.

However, most people didn’t realize that I was also motivating myself. I was straight-up talking to shit to myself.

I’m a machine because of my intention and my process, but I still need regular self-talk to keep myself between the rails.


Don’t Hit Snooze

Hitting snooze is saying, "If I use snooze, I'm a little bitch ass ho."

Hitting snooze is saying, “Oh, let me just be lazy for 10 more minutes.”

That’s what you are (in my opinion) if you hit the snooze button. 

Get the fuck out of bed. Get up and take the first step. Step one, feet hit the floor. Step two, get to the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes and wake up.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to myself: "Wake your ass up, bitch ass ho. Why are you trying to give in to being soft?"

Yeah, it may be a bit aggressive for some people, but these are the kind of mind games that work for me. I play mind games with myself in order to get more out of myself. 

Force yourself to never hit the snooze button. 

It’s easier to stay under the warm blanket. It’s comfortable and takes zero effort. But what happens when you stay comfortable in bed? You accept mediocrity. You sell yourself short.

It’s just the truth.


Motivate Me, Motivate You

Not only was I was searching for something to keep me motivated, but I was also searching for ways to motivate and inspire others to get out of bed. 

People began to count on and rely on my daily Snapchat. They would see I was up, and then use it as accountability to get their ass up. 

It started as something to keep myself motivated but turned into something much bigger than I anticipated. #WakeYourAssUp became an accountability and discipline power play for countless people.


Adopt the Mentality

#WakeYourAssUp is a mentality of not seeking comfort.

#WakeYourAssUp is a mentality that uses self-talk to separate yourself from the pack.

#WakeYourAssUp is a mentality that helps you get more out of yourself and doesn’t allow for mediocrity.

Done consistently over time, you will break through to something greater.

It's numbers game. How long can you stay in the game? How long can you be consistent? How long can you maintain the mentality to separate yourself from everyone else?

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