#245 Make it More Difficult

Make it More Difficult

Make it Harder to Make it Easier

How can I double down? How can I make it more difficult? How can I make it through the pain (not the pain that’s going to injure myself)?

Make things harder to make them easier.

For example, one way I do this with my lunges is by adding a 25-pound vest and lunging up an incline. By the way, there are countless ways to make lunges more difficult. Guess what happens when I take the vest off and go straight bodyweight the next time? Feels easier.


Find Ways to Make it Difficult

How can I make it more difficult? What can I work on to better myself? 

These are just a few of the questions that you should be constantly asking yourself. Doing so will push the needle for you.

Should you find some audiobooks or podcasts that will help you develop your skillset? Should you seek out experts in your field to ask them for advice or to be a mentor or to offer free help?

Should you sign up for a powerlifting meet, bodybuilding show, marathon, or some other event to challenge yourself?

Going back to weighted lunges… Should you push the envelope with your walking lunges by adding weight, going for time, or sticking to a streak?

They can be a difference-maker. They can take your mental and physical prowess to the next level. They can help you go next-level.


Choose to Feel Different

What’s your version? What’s this look like for you?

What can you make more difficult in your life – right now – to ultimately make you a better human being? Write down a list now. 

Making it through to the other side produces a feeling of accomplishment like no other. When I get through another day of 400-800 meters of weighted lunges, I feel completely different when I take that vest off.


It’s All About Momentum

Momentum can go one of two ways… up or down. Positive or negative.

Choose to build positive momentum. You do this by completing these daily nonnegotiable items and habits every single day. Those tiny actions add up over time to something significant. 

They add up to more confidence in all areas of your life, not just with that one thing.

My suggestion? Make it harder. Doing so will better equip you for whatever is thrown your way. Those obstacles thrown your way will seem easier because of you choosing to make it more difficult. 

Choose discomfort. Choose to make it more difficult. That’s how you win.

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