#248 Don’t Sink into the Chaos

 Don’t Sink into the Chaos

People get caught in the tornado of chaos all the time.

It surrounds them. It consumes them. And they don’t know how to get out.

My suggestion… CLEAR IT OUT.


Chaos Tugging at You?

Booting the chaos is something that I’ve gotten progressively better at throughout my life… and for good reason.

It’s extremely easy to get pulled off track when chaos reigns. It swarms you, takes over, and then you lose control and don’t know what happened. Nothing ever gets done and you feel like you’re spinning in a hamster wheel.

To make matters worse, it’s easy to throw in the towel. It’s easy to just say “F it, I have all this shit going on.”


Get Rid of It… At All Costs

Find a way to manage it. Take the time to find the winning strategy that works for you. Booting the chaos, or at least minimizing it, will pay massive dividends.

Quit answering the phone call from your fucking cousin. Quit playing into the gossip at work. Politics, gossip, and the news are all people want to talk about. All negative.

Choose to not engage.

You don’t have time for it. I don’t have time for it. Instead, work on making yourself better. Be a source of inspiration for the people around you. Do something that is going to make an impact.

Successful people don’t give in to the chaos. Some people may be able to get away with it for a while, but it will eventually catch up to you and take over.

At the end of the day, fight for the calm. Don’t engage in the negative things swarming and competing for your attention. Doing so will help you win in the long term.

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  • Jason Throckmorton

    Absolutely true! As I moved through my 30’s and into my 40’s this has become even more important. A crucial strategy for living low stress and focused on goals.

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