#249 Don’t Play From Behind

 Don’t Play From Behind

Early Mornings for the WIN

I love my morning ritual. Getting up at 3:20am. Getting to the gym by 4:00am. I always feel like I’m playing ahead of everybody.

Whether that's true or not (that’s my self-talk), my early morning effectiveness is off-the-charts. 

I’m never playing from behind.


What Playing From Behind Feels Like

What does it mean to “play from behind”?

It’s when you sleep in on accident.

It’s when you didn’t get your workout in.

It’s when you didn’t read or listen to your audiobook.

It’s when you haven’t organized or structured your day.

That’s just the start. And you know what’s even more crazy? Most people are playing from behind and don’t even realize it. It’s their norm.

I’ve been playing from out front for so long that it’s my normal.


Find Your Version

Am I saying for you to get up at 4:00am? No. Am I saying that you have to be a crazy maniac in the gym? No.

What I am saying is to find your version of how not to play from behind. 

Get organized. Get structured. Construct a strategy. Play out front

Get ahead at work and with your career. Get ahead of your peers in college. Take care of your health by not eating like an a**hole all the time and getting in the gym. 

Always be pushing to be a better version of yourself.

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