#277 What’s the Difference Between Being Successful and Not?

What’s the Difference Between Being Successful and Not?

Although everyone’s definition for “success” is different, there certainly are common themes. The list below contains some of the many contributing factors to success. Here are some of my personal keys to getting over the hump.


#1 What sacrifices are you willing to make?

Are you willing to implement more discipline into your life in order to get better? I’m talking about giving up short-term pleasures of food, training regularly, not drinking during the week, or getting up earlier.


#2 Are laser-focused and aiming at something?

Most people are aimlessly wandering through life. They have direction or purpose. There’s no goal, no plan and no strategy.

If there’s no goal in place, there’s no destination. And if there’s no destination, what are you doing?


#3 Am I going to persevere?

If I experience an injury or setback in the gym, I’m going to find a way to persevere. I’m going to learn from the experience, then do what I need to do to recover and get back in the game. 

I’m not going to let this or that thing pull me off the path.


#4 Am I going to be consistent?

This goes hand in hand with persevering. Take my Lunge & Learn program, for example. Maintaining a Lunge & Learn streak requires a high level of consistency and discipline. 

You lunge 400-800 meters every single day while listening to an audiobook or podcast that is going to make you smarter. That’s it.

But I also know and understand the compounded effect of maintaining this streak. I’m going to get stronger, my metabolism is going to go through the roof, my risk for injury is going to decrease, and I’m going to get smarter.


The goal and the why

These two together are super important. You can’t have one and not the other. Both must be aligned.

Having the goal and the why figured out is what allows you to keep going – especially on the days you want to give in.


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