#283 You’re Gonna Slip

You’re Gonna Slip

It’s gonna happen

You’re going to have days where things get messed up. You get thrown off track. Things don’t go according to plan. You sleep in, you miss a meal, or you don’t prepare. 

You think to yourself, “I messed the whole thing up.”


Are you one day closer, or one day further?

Take a step back before you go off and make a bunch of bad decisions. 

For example, let’s say your first meal of the day was something shitty, so you think, “F it, the whole day is a wash now. I’m just going to eat potato chips and pizza.” 


This is coming from experience. I’ll go into my pantry and have conversations with myself. I’ll say, “Is this going to get me one day closer or one day further from my goals?” I literally say this to myself regularly.


Everyone messes up

No one is an exception; we all mess up from time to time. 

The key to pulling yourself out of this cycle is to not let it compound. Stop the negative momentum in its tracks.

Developing this awareness will save you most of the time. When you catch yourself in this cycle, I find it helpful to revisit my strategy, watch a video, read a book, or look at my goals.


We’re all works in progress

Even the most disciplined people in the world mess up. Those same people are experts at not letting it compound. They get back on track fast. 

Don’t let weeks of work fall by the wayside because you can’t get your mind in order. “I’m a failure. This is never going to work. F it, I’m just going to eat the chips.”

Recognize and stop the negative feedback loop.  The best way to stop the cycle is to go do something else. Go on a walk, go see a friend, read a book, or watch a show.

If you can stop self-sabotaging, you will win.


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