#292 Be Obsessed With Your Daily Habits

Be Obsessed With Your Daily Habits w/ Cory Gregory

Where did it come from?

Why am I obsessed? Because my “why” is super important to me. My drive and overall purpose are to change future generations of my family forever. The decision was made long ago.

I wake up every morning thinking about this. I am obsessed.

I want my grandchildren to say Grandpa was a G. When I first moved to Columbus, I was around wealthy people. Their grandpa had laid the groundwork for them. I saw the way that they talked about him. I saw the way he was revered, and I thought, “This is how you change generations.”

He completely changed their lives.


I’m not special

I expect a lot out of myself.  Holding yourself to a higher standard is what it takes.

I understood at a young age that I wasn’t special. Knowing and understanding this was an advantage that paid huge dividends. Why? Because I knew the only way I was going to win in this life and achieve my why was by outworking people and being consistent.

Did you hear what I said? I had to outwork people and be consistent. Those were the only two things that were going to give me a chance.


No one was going to save me

I became obsessed with the idea of changing future generations of my family about 15 years ago. 

This is when I started to figure out my daily habit winning formula. I knew no one was going to save me or put me on. It was up to me to test everything out to see what did and didn’t work best for me.

This long, grueling process is the part most people don’t want to do. They want the quick fix or shortcut. And that’s why they stay the same. That’s why they continue complaining and never change.

And because of my consistency and how locked in I was, I was able to get feedback and results quicker. I continued with the winning formula and the momentum grew and compounded. Inside and outside of the gym.


You create your own luck

It’s on you. Luck is created from your preparation, your action, and your work. That’s it. 

I prepare my mind daily to help me battle adversities and challenges as they pop up. Ultimately, I get through these challenges because I believe in myself. This shit isn’t fake. I earned it. I have to continue to earn it every day. Nothing in life is given, it’s only earned.

Guys I work with come to me and say, "Thanks G for this." I immediately say, "Nothing's given, bro. You earned this. I'm not giving you a fucking chip shot. You over-delivered and earned it. That's why you're in this position. I trust you and I know what kind of work I'm going to get."


Strive to be great

Eric Thomas has a famous speech where he says, "I want it, I don't kind of fucking want it."

I’m a practitioner through and through. I live it. I breathe it. It's me. It's not my fucking hobby. It's my life. You're not going to misunderstand what I'm about. You can hear it in my voice because my daily actions back it up.

I hope I get an opportunity to be great one day. And if it doesn't happen, I’ll be okay with it. Why? Because when I'm on my deathbed, I'll never ask myself if I tried hard enough. I already know the answer.


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