#295 Get Addicted to Feeling Great


#295 Get Addicted to Feeling Great

Get addicted to feeling good

Most people are addicted to feeling shitty. Most people aren’t even aware of this because what they’re doing is their version of what’s “normal.”

I always say, “If people could just feel what it feels like to feel good, it would change everything.”


Record a video of yourself

People self-sabotage themselves all the time. There are countless examples.

STOP. Instead, think of a time you felt at your best. Think of a time when things were running efficiently, things were going well, and you felt confident. Remind yourself on how you felt.

When I feel like I’m in a groove I’ll record a video of myself. Why? Because I want to remind myself what was going on at that point in time. I’ll talk about what’s going on with my family, relationships, training, conditioning, nutrition, and business. What’s working well? 

This video can be a huge source of inspiration and motivation when you’re faced with more difficult times or motivation is low.


Remind yourself

Remind yourself how good you feel. Doing so will have you making better decisions across the board.

You’ll be less inflamed because you’re eating healthy. You’ll be more confident because those jeans fit better, and you’ll feel leaner. Your mind will be clearer because you’re not going to happy hour ever Tuesday and eating pizza every Thursday night.

Get addicted to feeling good.


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