#30 I Was a Hater

I was a hater.  Yeah, I used to be a hater.  When you hear that you go, "Huh?  G, what?  You're so positive.  How were you a hater?"  Well, here's what it comes down to.  When you grow up less fortunate, from a financial standpoint, or maybe from an athletic standpoint, it's easy to be a critic.  It's easy to be a hater, even though I didn't even know what that was back then, because you're aspiring for more.



So, when people come at me nowadays, I remember what it was to feel that way. You're upset, but there's also like an arrogant feel to it.  There's also a layer of entitlement.  

Yesterday I had some hate come at me, which ultimately sparked me to reflect.  I was reading my homeboy, Coach Mike Deegan.  I was reading his book, Let It Rip. And in chapter two, he talks about this… we can either be critics or we can be performers.


Critics & Performers

Performer doesn't have to mean necessarily be performing on stage.  It could mean doing what you want to do, being unapologetic about the way you operate, or aspiring to be something more.

Or you can be a critic.  Now, you can be critical of yourself.  I understand that.  Or you can be critical of others, which is what I'm talking about.  I used to fall into the critic category.  Here’s something that would frequently pass through my mind.  "Why does this person get that, and I don't get it?  Well, I did this or did that."  Well guess what?  Nobody owes you a motherfucking thing.

When we talk about critics and performers, all you can do is try to do better, try to live your best life, try to develop yourself, and try to take risks with the hopes that one day you can live your dream or do something that you love to do.  The hopes.  It's a risk, and it’s tough.  So, don't be critical of others that are trying it.


Use to Be This Way

I used to be this way.  I used to think like, "Man, this trainer isn't fucking sweet as me.  I've been doing this."  I didn't know what kind of work was put in or what the situation was.  It was the same thing with supplements.  "Oh, this company ain't as sweet as us.  But they are whooping my ass."  Well, it's because they had been in the game longer.  

Then one day I woke up and thought to myself, "Dude, you're spending all this time worrying about everyone else.  Comparing yourself to everyone else. The fuck are you doing?  You possess greatness inside of you."


Mind Your Business

We all fucking do.  So, what about spending every ounce of every second that I ever was concerned with anyone else on developing myself?  That's when my Pandora's box opened up because I didn't give a fuck about what was going on in anyone else's business.  I didn't give a fuck about what any other trainer was doing.  I didn't give a fuck what anyone was saying to me.  Sure, I'm human, and when things get thrown at me, I might feel them for a second.  They might motivate me and fire me up, but then they move on out, because I understand the psychology at play.

Think about this for a second.  If you look at something and you instantly default to being a critic, well, it's usually probably something inside you.  That person is putting themself out there.  Right now, people could watch this and go, "Man, fuck that motherfucker.  He’s always thinking he knows what he's talking about."  Motherfucker, I'm speaking from experience.  I'm putting myself out there.  I'm leaving for chance for y'all to come in and belittle the crap out of me on the comments.  And I have to be okay with that because I'm putting myself out here saying, "Yeah, I used to be a hater too.  I remember what it feels like, but guess what?  You don't really get anywhere that way because you're really not working on yourself."


Digging Deep

Everything opened up for me when I started to dig deep.  "Why do I feel this way?"  It's because I hadn't lived my full potential, or even fucking close to it.  I was upset that someone else was.  Instead of being upset and entitled, I said, "Fuck it. I'm going to go get that.  I'm going to work on me as much as it takes to be able to live my best life and continue to push for what I want for me and for my family."  That right there is the difference maker. 

It’s easier to go, "Man, that motherfucker got a silver spoon, or that motherfucker, he didn't do that, blah, blah, blah, blah.  He's fake.  Ah, man, fuck that dude."  It's easy to do that when you're sitting on your couch, then it is to dig deep, move some of the cobwebs around, and get to the root of the reason of why that hate is there in the first place.  Once you do this, you begin to uncover it, work on it, push through it, take chances, and put tons of fucking work behind it. 

If I quit worrying about these guys and start focusing on building my craft, self-mastery, my confidence, and all these things, I'll be a person that can inspire others.  Yeah, I’ll catch some hate along the way too.  I didn't fucking wake up and just hit the microphone and camera and felt comfortable.  This took years of work to believe in myself, and to do it the way I do it.


Start Uncovering

Even if you have a little hate in your heart, start uncovering.  Only then will you be able to work on yourself and stay in your own lane.  It's so easy to be upset about your current situation, but guess what?  I fucking hated living in a trailer.  I hated that we couldn't pay our bills.  I hated that my parents struggled with money.  I hated the way that all that shit went down.  I hated that struggle.  I hated that we didn't have a financial IQ.  I fucking hated the whole process. 

And so, I fucking changed it.  Instead of being a fucking hater, I changed that shit to being more inspiring to others and to work on myself.  It changed my life forever.  Quit being a hater, get your shit together, work on yourself, and go inspire others.



  • Cory

    Take the time for self-assessment, have ownership of your own good/bad, and get to work. Too much hate in this world anyways. Love it!

    Right message at the right time. Thank you!


  • Kevin

    Bro, all I did was diss one of your supplement flavors, you didn’t have to go full beast mode on me with this email 😂 J/k keep being the authentic you, that’s why we’re all here.

  • Shane Mouser

    You earned every bit of what you have achieved brother. All the way from a jug of water and a loaf of bread driving a truck. Early and odd hours at CNAC. 20 yrs ago. You put that solid energy out into the world and it comes back. Well said man

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