#35 The Flamethrower

Wick is Lit

What's that mean?  Think about when you light a match.  You light the match, then it's out in what, 30 seconds?   But when you've got that fucking gas flamethrower, that shit just stays hot, boy.  You can't even get your hand to it. That's the difference.   

See, when I light up, I'm like that fucking flame thrower.  You've got to dig deep.  People ask me all the time, "G, why are you so hype?  G, why are you so motivated?  Why are you getting up?  Why do you want this?"  Because I want it.


Can’t Stop

I couldn’t fucking stop it if I tried.  When I understood that I possessed the power, I began to make positive changes in my life.  So do you.  It’s lit, and it can't go out, because the process isn't over yet.  Making the change is on me, not anyone else.  No one's going to put me on.  No one's going to help me along the way, motherfucker.  I have to do it.  The sooner you learn this concept, the better off you’ll be.  It’s on you. 

When I realized that it all rested on my shoulders, I immediately told myself that I wanted something better for my family and me.  It was up to me to make the change.  Then, when the wick is lit, shit went to the next level.


The Difference

This is where you have to be in order to make generational change.  You feel me?  That's the real shit.  I'm out here all the time preaching this stuff, but it's that serious.  When that motherfucking wick was lit, it changed everything.  When I saw my mom's W2 on the table, I said, "We ain't going to live like this no more.  I'm going to make that shit next level."   

I get up every day to make generational change.  This is why I’m motivated.  I fucking want it… probably more than people realize.  Seek what’s most painful.  Doing so will help you understand why you want to change.


The Flamethrower

I don't light up like a damn match.  I'm like a fucking flamethrower.  That’s the difference.  That’s how you fucking change.  So, when you ask me if I'm motivated or why I'm motivated, I'm going to send you this.  That flame doesn’t go out because that motherfucker is lit.


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