#4 The Business of Your Life

Maybe I’m talking to you, maybe not.  Maybe you’re about to get checked.  Or maybe you have most of your shit together, but just need a little help to fill in the gaps to get shit rolling.  The surrounding chaos only makes it harder to handle your shit.  In turn, it’s more difficult to experience the success they’re capable of.


Let Me Paint a Picture

You get through the workday, get home, and instantly you’re hit with drama.  Instantly.  Somebody’s cousin is doing this, or your girl/guy is mad about that.

Not only that, you’ve been on Facebook.  You’re worried about what other people are doing.  You want what other people have.  There’s a feeling of envy washing over you.  Maybe you’re on social media beefing with random people for no reason. 

What the fuck do you care if Beyonce wore this particular outfit yesterday?  Who cares if so & so had this lyric on their song?  Being a keyboard warrior is going to suck the positivity from what you’re doing.

Do people lean on you?  Are you letting people take advantage of you all the time?  That shit will weigh you down, slow you down, and hinder your progress in a hurry. 

What about financial pressure?  Think about the financial strain in your life.  You have a bunch of liabilities, you’re not responsible with your money, and you feel like you’re in a hamster wheel, never getting ahead.  You’re overextended.


If This is Happening

If these aforementioned items above are occurring in your life, how the fuck are you going to be a positive person or build a business?  It’s damn near impossible.

Are you going to eliminate all of these things from your life entirely?  No, but you need to take charge to be the CEO, the President, and the mothefuckin’ Captain of your own life first.

If you have extra drama, people pulling on you, and a bunch of other shit going on, it’s impossible to have a clear, creative headspace with your business, pursuit of happiness, and the other things you want to do.


Take Inventory

What’s weighing you down?  What’s holding you back?  Many people don’t like their work environment or the people they work with.  You may be temporarily stuck there, but it’s up to you to make a move to get out of your situation.

Ask yourself: what am I not in control of in my life?  What am I not handling in my life that is ultimately hindering my success?

I’m just putting fucking ankle weights on you.  Every time that I’ve said something and hit a nerve, put another 10 lb. ankle weight on.  And another.  One on your wrist.  One around your neck.  So, if you have ankle weights around your neck, both wrists, and your ankles, how are you supposed to move upward?  You think you’re going to be able to dunk on an 8-foot rim?  Probably not. 

It may not be your skill set.  It may not be your work ethic.  You might be a fucking animal.  That said, those things I mentioned before may be exactly what’s holding you back.


Over & Over

I’ve seen so many quality, talented individuals that never handled these items.  Individuals that were better than me with their skills, their body, their business, etc.  This shit took them down over and over again.

That’s why you always hear me say, “I’m allergic to drama.  I move like a ninja.  I don’t fuck with motherfuckers that ain’t about it.” 

You have to draw hard lines.  Family & support is a different ball game, but you still have to draw the line in the sand.  If motherfuckers are leaning on you, crush it.


I Urge You

If you feel that your success is being hindered, please fucking listen to me.  Ask yourself if these things above are holding you back.  Or, if you’ve dealt with some hard stuff as a kid or adult, it may be time to talk to someone to help you work through it.  Doing so will help break you through.  It could be meditation, positive reinforcement, or talking to a friend.  Whatever works.

Look inside to see what you need to remove from your life.  Like a real business.  If your business wasn’t operating right, then you would look at the operations, marketing, motivation, creativity, etc.  Look at all variables.


Work in Progress

I have continued to cross motherfuckers off, stiff arm people, and not answer calls… still to this day.  Doing so allows me to make shit happen.  At the end of the day, you are in charge of you.  The person at fault for a lack of success is you.

These people and situations will suck the life out of you.  If you are one of those people that believe in your talent, work ethic, and yourself, then you must subtract these things from your life.




  • Jacob H

    This was awesome and motivating.

  • Darwin Luna

    Right on G. That’s spot on.

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