#69 Throw the Line Out

Having the opportunity to interview Gary Player was a surreal experience.  My grandfather was the one who initially taught me how to lift weights and play golf.  Gary Player was the guy we spoke about because he brought fitness to golf.  Having already interviewed someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I decided to throw out the line out to see if I could score an interview with another idol I looked up to.


Never Know

I threw out a line via Twitter… "Hey, I'd love to interview you, Mr. Player."  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Turns out, his daughter runs his social media.  She reached back out two days later to set up the interview.  That’s literally how it transpired.

What’s the worst thing that could have happened in this scenario?  Him not answering my message.  That’s it.  What did I have to lose from throwing out the line?  It’s the same type of situation when most people reach out to me.  It could be a high school or college project or a simple question that they have.  Just because they reached out.

Is it easy to get ahold of someone that’s busy or has numerous responsibilities?  Of course not.  However, if you're persistent and you throw the line out, you just never know what happens if they say yes.


Do It More

Gary Player said “Yes” to my interview request.  I now have been fortunate enough to interview two out of my three fitness idols.  Before Gary, it had been quite some time since I had thrown the line out.  After reaching out, I asked myself, "Damn, why am I not doing more of this?"

I want to challenge you guys, whether it's at work, in your hobby, or someone that you want to learn from.  Just throw that line out.  Create that relationship.


What Happens Next?

I had a fantastic interview with Gary.  If I ever have the opportunity to meet Gary in person, I have no doubt that he’ll remember our conversation.  Having a unique conversation is a great way to start a relationship.

At the same time, I was able to secure an interview with Gary, I had been in talks with the PGA Tour about doing some stuff together.  Showing them that I was able to get Mr. Player on my own carried a significant amount of weight.  I was able to showcase the value I could bring to the PGA Tour’s content based around fitness and mindset.  Once again, I threw out the line.


Pockets of Time

It’s the way my career has went.  I find pockets of time, then throw the line out.  Throw the line out and make sure that you have something to offer.  For me, I had to say, "Hey, there's members here that would love to listen to Mr. Player."  Showing the PGA Tour how valuable these conversations were was the key.  As you put the pieces together, things start to get interesting.


See What Happens

Don’t overthink it.  Don’t wait.  Throw the line out and see what happens.  You might not catch anything, or you may catch that 700-pound grouper.  You never know.  You never know until you at least give yourself an at-bat.  If it doesn’t work out, shake it off and keep it rolling.  It’s a part of the overall process. 

Your decisions, perseverance, desire and belief in yourself that you can deliver.  All these things matter, and together, they create success.


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