#70 It Takes Reps

No matter what it is in life, you need fucking reps.  You have to test out everything.  It’s all about putting the time in, to get the reps in.



Take exercise, for example.  The 20-rep squat workout, the conjugate squat workout, squatting in briefs, squatting wide, squatting close, or squatting in Chucks.

You have to experience the differences in bar placement (high vs. low bar), or front vs. back squat, for example.  To become better at your craft, putting in the reps and experimentation is the absolute key.  If there's something that you want to get better at, or be involved in, you need to start experiencing it at the highest level.


Get Outside the Comfort

When I talk to young trainers, I say things like, "Get in front of the camera, get more comfortable."  At the end of the day, constantly working on my craft makes me more valuable.  Both as a person and a professional. 

The reps and reps I go through helps me to better articulate my thoughts and to work on my personal development.  I’ve gone through every possible diet plan, training methodology, and learned from many experts in their respective fields.  My plan is to find out what does and doesn’t work so that I can in turn bring it to a wider audience.  I believe that this process has been successful because there’s a purpose to it.


If I Didn’t

Things would be dramatically different if I didn’t take the time to put the reps in.  Plain and simple.  The MP Nation podcast, 13 & The Prez, Business & Biceps, etc.  Years and years of consistent reps.  Over 40 powerlifting meets, 15+ bodybuilding shows, and 13 magazine covers.  Reps.  Dates on the calendar. 

That’s why I feel confident in my ability to do certain things.  I’m confident in my abilities because of the time involved.  If you want to get better at something, you have to be involved.  You have to be consistent day to day, week to week.  It’s why I do content literally all the time.  I don’t fucking miss.


You Need More

You need more reps.  Not only in your workout, not only to attack your weaknesses, not only to attack your goals, but within your craft.  Whatever that may be.  You have to put in the reps when it’s not convenient for you, or on the days where you really don’t feel like doing anything.  You can’t miss.


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