#82 Lean on Your Habits

by Daniel Walter

Habits in Place

The habits I’ve put in place have become muscle memory.  I do them in a non-negotiable, unconscious way.  They're set up in my mind, so when life happens, you don't have to overthink the process.  You know how to operate and respond.

I know what my processes yield.  They minimize the uncertainty in the equation.  Then, when I’m super on my game, it’s going to yield even more.  Creating processes and systems are vital to success.  Sure, it won’t be perfect all day every day, but they serve as a built-in backstop to keep you from slipping.


Lunge Magic

What are your non-negotiables?  For me, it’s walking lunges.  After I finish my 400-800 meters, I get a runner’s high.  If I’m not able to lunge, due to an injury for example, then my brain isn’t as open.  There's something magical about the lunges.  Lunge & Learn together.

It just works.  If you're struggling, just stay dedicated and meet the demand on a daily basis.  Doing so will put you in a better position, even on your worst days.  The key is to get through the storms.  To come out the other side victorious.



It's not rainbows all the time.  You're going to run a red line where shit can go haywire sometimes.  It’s inevitable when you’re testing things and pushing yourself.  It’s just a part of the process.


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