#85 True Belief

There's an amazing quote from Abraham Lincoln that says, "To believe in things you can see and touch is no belief at all, but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing."  What's that mean?  You have to believe that it's possible.  If you can already see it, then it’s not really a true belief.  It’s not because you didn't have to manufacture it in your brain first, put the work in, and persevere through to make it a reality.



Embarking on hard things and believing that it’s possible is the key.  That’s the faith.  You have to be willing to put the work in, believe in your creative ideas, and believe what’s possible.  Only then will you be able to translate it into a reality.

Take the PGA podcast I’m affiliated with, The Golf & Fitness Show.  It all started with seeing myself on a different platform on a large scale.  I could see myself going into a different audience that didn't know me.  I could see myself matching up with something that I truly love to do.  I'm not an amazing golfer, but I love and respect the game.  I played at St. Andrew's.  I've been to the Masters.  I could see and believe it.


How’s It Work?

Boom.  Most people get punched in the side of the face metaphorically because they can't grasp this concept.  Because they can’t see it, they don’t believe that it’s possible.  That’s the difference.  I could see it and believe that it was possible. 

I was made for this.  I was made for big opportunities.  I had the opportunity to interview the GOAT of professional golf, Gary Player.  It was my chance to talk with one of my idols from a fitness standpoint.  I already saw it in my brain.  I knew who I wanted my first episode to be.  I had already visualized it in my mind. I could see it.


Before They Happened

I could see them before they happened.  This has happened time after time again.  You’re not going to outwork me.  I'm going to get up at 3:00 AM.  I'm going to keep pushing.  I’m going to keep a pack your lunch mentality and not give up.  I’m going to come back every day.  I’m going to make it happen.

If there’s something that you deeply believe in, keep believing it it.  Even if other people can’t see it.  You have to put in the work and outlast.  A lot of people give up when they’re three feet from gold.  They give up too early.  Don't let someone else snatch your dream away.  It doesn't matter if anyone else can see it.  It only matters if you can see it and believe it. 


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