#86 Why Not Me?

This question always enters my mind, especially when the doubt tries to creep in.  Why not me?  No matter what happens in my career, I always come back to that question.  I was 16 years old, sitting in that trailer, asking myself, “Why not me?”  I was 18 years old, shoveling coal in the mine, asking myself, “Why not me?”  I was walking into Arnold Schwarzenegger's office to pitch him, asking myself, “Why not me?”  I pursued working with the PGA Tour to help shed more light on fitness in the golf world.  Why not me?


It Doesn’t Matter

It doesn't matter what situation it is.  We all feel the doubt creep in from time to time, right?  The key is being able to push it to the side and say, “Why not me motherfucker?”  Why is it this person or that person?  Why can't it be me?  Why can't I be the person that is able to get that opportunity?  

The belief in myself is strong and I’m willing to put the work in.  If your belief is fake, you truly don’t have faith.  There are two sides of the coin.  One is scientific in the sense that you need to be shown something in order to believe it.  On the other hand, faith requires belief first.  These are two different things entirely.


What’s Actually Holding You Back?

Think about it.  Is that person really any different from you?  No, but have they figured something out that you haven’t yet?  You see what I'm saying?  That's the thought process that flows through my brain when I think about that question.  Who’s actually holding me back?  Me.  It's not this person or that person.  You're going to have roadblocks from time to time, but you’re the one ultimately responsible for your direction.


No Belief

It's because you don't have the belief in yourself.  I’ve asked myself, “Why not me?” countless times over the past 20 years.  That’s when I started to believe that something different was possible.  I remember being in that trailer being upset and embarrassed. 

I was embarrassed of our situation.  I told myself, “Nope, no more.  Why can't I be the person that changes this?”  When you start truly believing, you start to hit new levels.  The small wins start to stack up, your discipline grows, and the belief in yourself compounds.  


Not Insanity

Do you reflect on certain things that you've accomplished in your life?  I do from time to time, but I reflect more on what I was thinking of as I was able to accomplish these things.

Some people think you're insane when you’re a true believer in something you can’t see or touch.  Jim Carey argues that it's not actually insanity, but rather a true form of sanity.  He believes that it's sane to live with what’s possible.  Some think it’s hokey shit, but a strong belief put into the universe is powerful.



Every time I would have a phone call with the main players at the PGA, I would explain why I'm the guy to bring this to their crowd.  I explained to them why I was the best person for the job.

I went to the Masters in 2015.  I knew right when I walked in that this was my spot every year.  Not just as a fan or person who works there, but as a person who's involved.  It's what I felt.  Whether I manufactured that or not, it doesn't matter.  Why can't I be working at the Masters every year, doing what I do right now?  I've thought that since 2015, and now I’m working with them.

I watched Scott Van Pelt walked by, super happy.  I saw somebody from the Golf Channel and I'm like, "They've got to freaking love this."  This is the one of the most beautiful places on earth, especially if you're into the game of golf, and they're here working all week.  Why can't I find a way to do that?  

Why not you?  Why not me?  We're the limiting factor.  It's no one else.


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