#87 One Thousand Excuses

Ever felt like you had 1000 excuses not to do something?  When I got up today, I had 1000 excuses.  Why I couldn't go to the gym?  Why am I tired?  Why does my hip hurt?  Why don’t I feel good? 

I didn't give.  I’m accountable to my 4am crew and the others around me and on my website.  Many don’t have someone or a group to rely on.  All accountability rests on their own shoulders.  This is important to understand because you must be able to rely on yourself to some degree.


All the Excuses

Oftentimes, the guy that fucking beats those challenges is the guy that doesn’t do anything special.  For me, I just don’t fucking miss.  I don’t miss my workouts.  Think about the times when a workout was going shitty, and then it turned into one of your best workouts.

We’ve all had good days and bad days.  You suck it up and get to the gym, and then can’t believe you were even questioning it before.  Sure, you might feel a little tired when you wake up but imagine how much better you’ll feel post workout.  You busted through that mental barrier to something positive.


Get It Done

Could I go months and months at a time, with no hiccups?  Sure, absolutely.  But guess what?  Life is going to throw you challenge after challenge, usually when you least expect it.  The pandemic, work, family stuff, etc.

You still get it done.  Consistently hitting Dumbbell Shred, Get Stacked, or whatever program you’re doing is going to make you feel better.  It’s going to serve as a stress relief.  It’s just like after lunges when you experience a runner’s high, or euphoric feeling.  You can't let that go.  On the flip side, when you miss a workout, you feel the doubt and guilt start to creep in.  You didn't do what you're supposed to do.  You lost.


Wins & Losses

That’s how I look at it.  It has to be absolute.  Otherwise, you’re going to make every excuse in the book to not do something.  The absolute is the key when you’re truly dedicating yourself to something.

When you have the low moments, or you’re feeling soft, you must find a way to fight through to the other side.  Do I lose sometimes?  Yes, but I win more than I lose.  Motherfucker, I win way more than I lose.


We’ve All Felt That Way

We all kind of feel that way to varying degrees.  Some more than others.  If you continually make the decision to fight through, then you will win.  The mini wins stack up.  Winning compounded = hitting your goals.  Then your mindset shifts to a winning mentality.  Starting off the day with a 3:00am wakeup call, 400 pounds on your back, and 800 meters of lunges makes you look at the day ahead completely different. 


Mentally & Physically

I’m not just a robot or a machine.  I have to find ways to mentally and physically get through the tough days.  You're always going to feel better after because you know you didn’t give in.  It’s a game changer. 

Figure out a strategy and get yourself there.  That’s it.  It’s a daily battle for everyone, myself included.  The reality?  It’s the difference between me being that next level business guy.  It’s the difference with taking my physique to the next level.  It’s the difference with taking my strength to the next level.  These are the things I want for myself.


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  • Wolfhound127

    CoryG I know this is about a year old, but Fuck Yeah. No excuses!!!

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