#95 They Can’t Have My Spot

400 meters vs. 800 meters.  The difference is dramatic.  What I do know is that 800 meters puts me in my best shape.  I’m an absolute freak when I dedicate to 800 meters every day.  My mental and physical strength goes off the charts.

I love coming around on that first lap.  That’s exactly where you gotta dig… on those first 7-10 days of your lunge streak.  Maybe you feel it on 400 meters.  It just depends on where you are in the process.  It’s all relative.


The Determining Factor

As I come around on that first 400 meters, I think to myself, “This is the fucking determining factor.  This is the difference between being mediocre and going to the next level.  This is where motherfuckers want you to quit.  They want me to quit because that's going to keep me the same.”  

For me, 800 meters of walking lunges daily is the ultimate separator.  I’m willing to stop at the track on the way home from the gym, even if I’m cold and sore.  I’m willing to stop at the track because I know what happens when I keep the streak alive.  That’s it.  That’s the sauce, not the workout or the diet.  My diet and workout are going to get done no matter what

What’s left?  The conditioning piece. 


More Discipline = More Freedom

It’s just like Jocko says, “Discipline equals freedom.”  Not only are you getting your conditioning in, but you’re also adding an extra level of discipline.  This discipline holds the power to positively change your metabolic rate.  The discipline gives you more freedom in your life.  The discipline is the reward. 


They Want My Spot

Motherfuckers want me to quit.  They want my spot.  They want to beat me.  All the haters don’t want to see me do it.  They’re mad that I’m up early in the morning training.  These are the kind of thoughts that flow through my head.  You may think I’m crazy, but it works.

They're mad that I'm up right now. This is all the shit that goes through my head. Y'all might think I'm fucking crazy, but that right there is the ultimate separator.  I’m 20 years into the game and nothing has changed.  I’m still trying to separate myself and not be complacent.  I can’t push 100% all the time.  We’re all human, BUT I’m a firm believer that my baseline is way higher than average.


Not Gonna Quit

You can’t beat someone that’s not going to throw in the towel.  For me, I know that I need to identify the factors that are going to separate myself in the industry.  I believe doing 800 meters is the difference maker.  Why?  Because 800 meters is hard every day.  Because 800 meters dramatically fires up my metabolism.  Because 800 meters increases my endurance.  Because 800 meters hardens me mentally.  I feel like I can take on whatever’s thrown my way after I complete 800 meters.


What About You?

What’s going to separate you?  What’s something tough that’s going to help move the needle for you?  Take the #IWANTABS Contest, for example.  What’s the difference in the level of discipline to go from Top 100 to Top 10?  What level of discipline is needed to give you the freedom you desire?  Identify that level, then execute.  You either do it or you don’t.  There’s no in between.


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