#97 Am I Talking to You?

Are you stuck?  Have you ever reached the level of fitness you desired?  Have you ever reached the level of business and self-confidence you wanted?  Have you been pushing the boulder up the hill, but never quite got it over the top?


Breaking Through

Why haven’t you busted through?  Well, it’s probably because of many factors.  This is exactly why I create challenges like the #IWANTABS Contest.  The #IWANTABS Contest forms the appropriate environment for you to push through to the next level.


Create the Environment

Get off the fence and commit.  So many people “want” to do it.  So many people sign up and then don’t follow through when it comes to making the right decisions.  I hear all of the excuses.  What does staying on the fence or making excuses do?  It keeps you the same.  There’s zero change.

Create an environment with a powerful community.  A community of like-minded people that forces more self-discipline, encourages each other, holds each other accountable, forces the deadline, and enjoys the rewards.  If you join or start a community such as this, you will produce positive changes in your life.


Your Choice

Increase your confidence and level up.  Are you a part of an environment that’s going to push you?  Are you making the right decisions, or are you choosing not to do it?  Are you in your own way? 

I create this environment because I know it works.  It’s what I do.  You may or may not operate the same way.  I’m spreading this concept because it’s helped so many people change for the better.  I’m 20 years in, and I know exactly what the process yields.  I know how to get the results you and I desire.  The increased confidence, increased level of fitness, and the next-level mentality.

If you’re rolling with me, this is how it works.  Dedicate yourself and bring your motherfucking A game.  The A game is what gets you to the next tier of progress.  You need the right environment, reward system, protocols, and community.  All of it.


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