#274 Why Do You Want to Get Better?

by Max Effort Muscle


Why Do You Want to Get Better?

Here’s an example

Take the annual #IWANTABZ transformation contest that’s put on by CoryG Fitness and Max Effort Muscle, for example. 

Why would you sign up for something like this? Why would you want to go all-in for 12 weeks?  What do you want to change about the way you operate? What are you daydreaming about? How can you improve your life by adding consistency and discipline?

These are the types of questions you have to ask yourself. Are they easy to answer? No, and that’s part of the point. It takes deep thought and introspection to answer these questions.


Where are you going?

The aimless wanderer has no direction. They don’t know where they’re going, and they don’t know what to do.

The intentional person has direction. They have a plan and strategy for where they want to go. It all comes down to executing that plan.


Why do you want it?

Why do you want to do it? Why do you want to sign up for the #IWANTABZ contest or that marathon or that powerlifting meet?

That reason must be real. If it’s not, you won’t follow through.

Did you not like the way you felt when you got up in front of your coworkers the other day at work? Did you not like the way you felt when you walked into the gym? Did you not like the way those jeans felt when you put them on? Did you not like the way that t-shirt felt?

Find the things that you're tired of dealing with and fucking change them.


How about this?

How about you go the opposite direction? 

How about you go get in the best shape of your life? How about you work on your mental stamina through personal development and studying your craft? How about you work on being the most confident person you can be?

You would be amazed at what could happen if you got your shit together.

Start making the changes you know you need to make. Get addicted to feeling good. It will be the best decision you will ever make.


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