DIPS: How to Do & How to Scale by CoryG

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DIPS: How to Do & How to Scale by CoryG

Why Do Dips?

✅ For a chiseled chest
✅ For a stronger chest
✅ For more swag

In the quest for physical fitness and a chiseled physique, one cannot underestimate the importance of a well-rounded workout regimen. While staples like push-ups, squats, and deadlifts often take center stage, there's an exercise that tends to stay quietly in the background, despite its immense potential for transforming your upper body swoleness.

Dips = the underrated gem that can become your new chest training secret weapon

Not only will you look absurdly cut & yoked, but you'll also unlock a newfound strength and build more muscle.

DIPS: How to Do & How to Scale by CoryG


How to do them

 DIPS: How to Do & How to Scale by CoryG

For simplicity we're going to cover the dip variation off of the parallel bars that you can find in most gyms (and in the picture above).


Bodyweight variation: Place your hands on the bars and kick up to the locked-out position first. Actively push down into the bars to keep your elbows locked out. Next, slowly lower down into a dip, with the goal being to make a 90-degree angle with your forearm and upper arm. Once you hit depth, press back up to the top.


Bodyweight variation + band: The same exact principles apply as the bodyweight variation, however, we'll be adding in a resistance band for some assistance. This is for people who don't quite have the strength yet, they want to focus on form, or they are doing higher volume.


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