Meet the Brofessor, Don Laubenthal

by Max Effort Muscle


Don Laubenthal MS, CSCS
Professor – Exercise Science
Columbus State Community College

The Brofessor Don

Enter Don:

I have had the great pleasure teaching in the exercise science program at Columbus State for nearly 3 decades. I have also worked in the Health and Fitness Industry for 36 years and, in addition to teaching, I have experience working as a college strength and conditioning coach, occupational therapy conditioning specialist, fitness center director, personal trainer and personal training business entrepreneur, performance center coordinator, and sport coach (track & field).

I have a passion for exercise science (especially the science of strength training) and teaching people the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in the Health and Fitness Industry.

I strongly believe that one of the most important aspects of improving health, performance, and longevity is increasing strength and movement ability. At 57 years of age, I still training 5-7 days (5 days at Old School, 1-2 days at home) per week, and I am blessed to train with the famed 4amCrew at Old School Gym.

The Brofessor Don

The ability to continue to train hard at my age is due to a lifelong dedication to strength training and movement.

I was introduced to Cory Gregory in 1999 when Cory was a student in the exercise science program at Columbus State. Cory went on to become a legend fitness industry and, in 2019, he invited me to train with the 4amCrew at Old School Gym. His invitation was evidence of his gratitude for his education and experience at Columbus State.

Since that time, I have competed in 3 powerlifting competitions, and I have been able to lift weight that I had not lifted since the 1980’s. I absolutely love the early morning workouts with the crew, and I am thankful for the opportunity to train with Cory and the 4amCrew. I hope to continue to train hard, work in this field, and teach others for as long as possible.


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