Recovery = Performance

Recovery = Performance

By Don Laubenthal, M.S., CSCS
Professor – SES – Exercise Science 


Fatigue is an expected part of conditioning, practice, and competition, and if fatigue is properly managed, athletes can recover, get stronger, and perform well. However, fatigue is very difficult to manage for young athletes. As our athletes work hard throughout each week, fatigue will accumulate, and a fatigued body does not recover well. As a matter of fact, when fatigue is present, performance and physiological adaptation will decline.

A coach can control practices, some of the conditioning, and competitions, but we have no control over what our athletes eat, drink, or how they sleep at home. One area we can control is what our athletes drink during conditioning, practice, or games, and if there is a product that can greatly improve an athlete’s recovery ability, we should be interested in that product.

Many of the sport’s drinks that our athletes consume are extremely high in sugar and create negative effects such as:


Poor hydration
Tooth decay
Fat gain


A true recovery drink should hydrate muscle, aid in muscle recovery and repair, and enhance an athlete’s natural energy production. A true recovery drink should not cause nausea, bloating, or unwanted fat gain, and it should be safe to drink anytime.

Let me introduce you to a recovery drink that can truly help your athletes recover and perform better throughout conditioning, practice, and games. Max Effort Muscle Amino Recovery is an outstanding blend of Branch Chain Amino Acids, a hydration formula, and nutrients to naturally enhance an athlete’s energy levels (without caffeine). Amino recovery can be consumed before, during, and after conditioning, practice, or competition, and it will not only hydrate your athletes, but will provide your athletes with a head start on recovery.


How Does Amino Recovery Work?

As athletes work hard, they sweat, use energy, and create microtrauma within their muscles. Our athletes lose a lot of body fluid during practice and competitions and this can affect cardiac output, muscle force production, and their ability to cool themselves. If an athlete is dehydrated by as little as 2%, their performance will be significantly affected. A 5% dehydration can reduce performance by 30% and lead to a much higher risk of injury and heat related illness. Amino Recovery uses a combination of natural nutrients, such as Sodium, Magnesium and Potassium to enhance hydration, especially muscle hydration. A well hydrated muscle can more efficiently remove metabolic waste products and receive greater supply of nutrients to maintain force production.

While your athletes are being hydrated by Amino Recovery, they are also receiving nutrients that will boost their energy levels. Malic Acid, which is a natural part of the oxidative energy system will provide the athlete with assistance in maintaining energy during high intensity activities. Your athletes will have more to give in the weight room, on the track, in practices, and even late in the game!

Hydration is a big help to recovery, but muscles also need the building blocks to make repairs and recover after intense work. The blend of amino acids that are found in Amino Recovery will immediately aid muscle recovery and repair. All proteins we consume are first broken down into amino acids, which are than used to repair and replenish protein structures in the muscle cell.

Amino acids form specific proteins, or building blocks, that will become structures such as contractile proteins, enzymes, hormone carriers, or perform actions such as membrane transport and immune system function.

There are 20 amino acids that are responsible for the structures and functions within the human body, and of the 20, nine of the amino acids are considered essential amino acids. An essential amino acid is one which cannot be manufactured in the cells of the body, so it must be consumed in the diet. Amino acids (both essential and non-essential bind together to form proteins.

Each amino acid will combine with another to form a peptide. Peptides (polypeptide chains) combine to create a very specific protein that will be used to repair and rebuild muscle.

For muscle recovery and growth to occur, there needs to be greater protein synthesis taking place in the muscle than protein breakdown. By consuming Amino Recovery, the amino acid pool is increased in the blood stream, and greater protein synthesis can take place, making recovery and increased performance possible.

The amino acids in Amino Recovery can be immediately absorbed into the blood stream and delivered to the muscles. If your athletes are consuming Amino Recovery during and after conditioning, practice, or games, they are essentially adding the building blocks they need to fully recover, and they can do all this with no sugar or caffeine.

By consuming Amino Recovery immediately after strenuous activity your athletes can take advantage of the increase in muscle cell membrane (sarcolemma) permeability to nutrients, which will aid in faster recovery.

No more sugar drinks that are sold as sports drinks, try a proven recovery drink that will improve your athlete’s recovery abilities and performance. Max Effort Muscle Amino Recovery will make a difference for your athletes!


Benefits of Taking Max Effort Muscle’s Amino Recovery

  • Max Effort Muscle Amino Recovery contains the necessary amino acids to supply the muscle with exactly what it needs to recover and build. Timing can be critical when it comes to nutrients, so taking an amino recovery after your workout is a quick and easy way to supply those important amino acids.
  • Better recovery ability between workouts. Remember, if you are not recovering, you are not making progress.
  • Max Effort Muscle Amino Recovery is very easy to digest and is not a heavy, high calorie product. This is important for staying lean and active.
  • Max Effort Muscle Amino Recovery also contains a muscle hydration formula which improves recovery ability between workouts and aids in protein synthesis for improving strength and recovery.


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