Losing 36 w/ Mason Upton

by Max Effort Muscle

Down 36 lbs in just 12 weeks!

Mason’s Max Effort
Suppz Stack:

Amino Recovery (Arnie Palmer ) 
1-2 scoops daily for recovery 

1 scoops prior to lifting weights 

Fat Burner
Before lunge & learn each day 

1 scoop with main meals




First off I’ve been a member of CoryG since the early days of creation but how much I listened and paid attention has been the difference maker. My first #IWantAbz was 2018. I was lunging 1-3 days, sort of on the AF lifestyle and following GS. My end results were a product of that, good but not great.


The next #IWantAbz in 2021 I decided to go all in. Started a lunge streak, went AF101, continued on the GS workouts. My results were drastically different and I ended up in the Top 50. I continued with the #WinAtLife and decided that I wanted to take my shot at a dream fire department of mine in California. I sent a message to Cory the night before my final physical test telling him I was going to beat my practice test time for accountability.

The next day I crushed my time and I was on to the interview. Both interviews went well, all the #LungeanLearn hours of content were showing up in the way I talked and presented myself, and I knew this job was mine.

But…I didn’t get the final offer.

I didn’t prepare myself for what that failure was going to be like, and all my habits (lunging, AF, reading, etc) of the past year started to fall off. This is how I came into #IWantAbz 2022, 10 lbs heavier than where I started last year.

I went back to AF 101. The first month I did 1 cheat meal as I let my metabolism get running (Now Fri/Sat). I started an 800m lunge streak. My supplementation is back on point.  My results this year are a reflection of all those things together.

I finished with 36.4 lbs lost and in the 180’s, which is my lowest since college.

The final cherry on top? My dream department contacted me and wanted me to move forward with the next steps in their process, and now I’m in the best shape of my life (physically and mentally) heading towards the next challenges that are ahead.