Ironproof Your Posterior Chain with the J-Curl

Ironproof Your Posterior Chain with the J-Curl

Mastering the J-Curl

J-Curls are an exercise made popular by gymnasts, but have grown in popularity due to the benefits they have for lengthening and strengthening the spine.

The J-Curl isn’t the same as an RDL and shouldn’t be performed like an RDL.

J-Curls target the posterior chain while training spinal flexion through a full range of motion. 

How To Start

To begin, follow a few simple cues:

  • Start standing on the ground with a neutral spine and palms facing forward
  • Round your neck towards your chest and gradually allow your shoulders to follow suit
  • Once your head and shoulders are rounded, think about slowly rolling your spine forward
  • Keep your legs long and reach your palms to the ground
  • To return, think about slowly unrolling your spine, neck and shoulders back to the starting position.



To master the J-Curl:

➡️ Start with no weight or a PVC pipe on flat ground

➡️ Gradually add light dumbbells until you are comfortable using 50% of your bodyweight

➡️ You can also progress by adding depth, standing on 2”, 4” and 6” boxes

➡️ Start with only 5-8 reps, increasing the sets and reps as you progress

➡️ When using depth and weight, start with 3-5 reps and work up to 15-20 reps


Why J-Curl

Weightlifting can take a toll on the posterior chain and the spine.

Very few exercises are able to lengthen the spine and strengthen it in a safe and effective way.

While good mornings, deadlifts and RDL’s train the posterior chain with a neutral back, the J-Curl is the only exercise that can train spinal flexion through a full range of motion.

The key with J-Curls is scaling them to meet your demands and fitness levels.

It’s important to start with the easiest version, flat ground with bodyweight and work up to heavier loads in a full range of motion.

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