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🚀 Weekly Intro 🚀

Savanna rocked the stage at the 2022 NPC Natural Northern USA and took home first in true novice, novice, and open bikini! 👙👙

Another packed show weekend as I was in Cleveland this weekend to help my client Savanna Donovan with her first ever competition!

Moments like these make me SO proud to be a coach with Boss Bodies and to help women like Savanna push themselves to achieve their dreams. 

👉 More on Savanna's weekend!


👻 Spooky Season Recipes 🎃

Protein Packed Cereal Bars! 

This is my first fall back in the Midwest in a long time, and it has me wanting to eat all the treats! 😋

I’m still prepping for one more show, so I wanted to showcase this fun, easy, and healthy protein cereal bar recipe I concocted using the Max Effort Muscle Tri-Blend protein.

👉 👉 Full Ingredients + Directions!


💪 Meeting Jay Cutler!! 💪

Meeting Jay Cutler


While I was in Cleveland for Savanna’s show, I got to meet the bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler!

He was at the show and couldn’t have been nicer. It’s always inspiring to spend a few minutes with people who have been at the top of the sport of bodybuilding. You never know what you might learn!


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