#102 Reflection Points

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy is a staple within my personal development.  After going through his material over and over, I want to highlight four points to reflect on.  Wins for the day, losses for the day, fixes for the day, and the ah-ha’s of the day (if they exist).  Ask yourself, “What did I do today that contributed to a win?  What did I do today that contributed to an L?  What did I fix today?  Did I have any a-ha moments?”


Be Critical

Think of your day in a critical manner.  Although there may not be life-changing shit every day, it’s important to reflect on these four points.  It gives you a second to slow down and categorize what’s going on.

Just the other day I spoke to long-time CoryG Fitness member and investor in Max Effort, Jon Yolles.  Jon’s in his 40’s, super jacked, super successful, and has maintained a healthy career-life balance.  His advice to stay on task every day?  Write down 10 things you have to do.  Whether it’s calling this or that person, getting through paperwork, reviewing items, or checking off daily tasks.  Super simple, super effective.  Daily Reflection.


The Process

Write five to eight things that you're attempting to achieve.  Every day.  I'm writing down exactly what I am executing in 2021.  I’m writing down exactly what I want to make happen.  Then write a to-do list of five to 10 items that have to be done.  Personal and/or professional.  Then, to tie it all together, reflect on how you did.  How did you execute?  What adjustments do you need to make?

Consistent journaling is a struggle for me.  I’m extremely consistent, but I’ve always struggled in this area.  I eventually want to work up to journaling my food and thoughts.  It’ll be progressive.  It takes time to level up. 

I’m a firm believer of writing your goals out.  I see them in my journal.  When you write out your goals every day, what happens?  I believe it’s going to happen.  They start coming true.  I’m seeing them come true. 


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  • Andrew Harris

    I just reading your email that is so cool do you have any more confident booster ideas for morning regiments?

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