#104 How NOT to Build Confidence

I’m currently working on a book called How to Build Confidence and Win at Life.  This book will serve as the manual for how I operate.  I believe it’s just as important to highlight what not to do, as it is to highlight what to do, when it comes to building confidence.  My intention is to open your eyes and perspective.  I want you to look at your life to see if you’re on the right track.


Where Are You Going?

The aimless person doesn’t have any goals in place.  Nothing is defined.  No goals, no habits, no discipline, no structure, and no confidence in themselves.  How do you NOT build confidence?  Wake up with no purpose.  No goals, no drive.  You’re sleepwalking through life.

To be clear, you don’t need to be a crazy entrepreneur with all these wild ideas.  I’m talking about execution for yourself, job, wealth, health, family and relationships.  I’m talking about finding your path.



You can’t let things fall to chance.  How do you expect things to work out if you leave them up to chance?  You can’t think that you’re entitled to x, y, or z.  If this is your strategy, you might as well play the lottery.

For me?  I’m not playing the lotto.  I’m not leaving things up to chance.  I’m going to attack my agenda with purpose.  I’m going to get intentional.  I’m going to put in the countless reps to sharpen my confidence, so I knock opportunities out of the park.  This is what takes you to the next level.


It’s Not Going to Happen

It’s not going to happen without consistent habits or goals.  You can’t have an entitled, little bitch mentality.  It’s just what it is.  Shit is going to pass you by and you’re going to wonder why it never became real.  Regret and blame follow.


Where to Start

Are you headed in the right or wrong direction?  Are you staying the same?  What comes first?  Establishing a baseline of habits and routines.  This is a major step to get the ball rolling.  Clearly defining your goals and following them up with the proper action sets you on the right course.

Don’t leave things to chance.  Again, if you do, things will never work out.  Don’t be on your deathbed wishing that you did something else.  Give yourself the best shot to get everything out of this life.


Putting in the Work

It takes time everybody.  It’s hard fucking work.  The belief, the execution, and managing the ups and downs.  Put some strategies in place now.  Doing so will better prepare you for opportunities down the road.  Don’t be the person wondering why things aren’t working out if you aren’t doing the right things.

I know with full certainty that I’m meant to be where I am.  I’ve earned it.  I’m going to take advantage of my opportunity because I’ve earned it.  I didn’t get here by fucking accident.  That confidence is earned over time.

Give it a chance.  Make the change.  Get to work.


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