#106 Thoughts in My Head

Diet Cheating

Time to go through my thought process when I’m about to cheat on my diet.  I’m eating well, and it’s Tuesday night.  I’m making milkshakes with crushed-up Oreos mixed in for my kids.  It’s one of the positive things my dad did for me as a kid growing up.  I mixed up the milkshakes, then I’m faced with the choice…  Am I going to lick the spoon or eat the Oreo, or am I going to hold strong?

It may sound small, but it’s the difference maker in the world of discipline.  Here are the real-time thoughts running through my head.  “Cory, is this short-term gratification worth slowing down the momentum right now?  If you give in, like a little bitch, is that worth it?  What about all the work you’ve put in up to this point?  Is that worth it down the road?”  It’s next-level separation.


The Small Things

It might not just be that one Oreo.  Maybe it’s more about people giving into the small things.  Giving into the small things kills all momentum.  It’s hard to get up to speed, but once the momentum builds, it’s damn near impossible to stop.  That’s exactly how you have to think about it.


Cheat Meals

Cheat meals are different.  I utilize cheat meals because my body needs that glycogen.  I typically don’t go overboard either.  I'm going to keep it reigned in to get what I need, then it’s back into the process.  If you don’t have clearly defined goals, or a chip on your shoulder, it’s much more difficult to stay on the rails.


Clearly Defined Goals

Having clearly defined goals versus aimlessly wandering.  It makes all the difference.  Sure, there are times where you’re not getting ready for something, so it’s easier to eat that cookie.  Then, you have something like the #IWANTABS Contest roll around, and the vibe changes.


Flip Flop Tank Top

It’s a mentality.  Always in shape, feeling good, feeling confident at work, and feeling confident at home.  It all matters.  And now, all the way back to that Oreo.  That one Oreo is the difference maker.  It’s the separator.  Could I get away with a little on a regular basis?  Of course, because I have put in the time.

However, I expect more out of myself.  You should expect more out of yourself.  It’s what it takes to get to the next level.  You have to run through your own thoughts.  Am I doing something today that's moved me closer to my goal or further away?  Is it worth it right now?  Think about it.  Draw the line in the sand.  Get more out of yourself.


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