#113 The Difference Maker

If you’ve ever been on a lunge streak before, you most definitely know that days 5-14 are some of the most difficult to get through.  Just like many of you, I enjoy drinking pints on the weekend.  I came in Monday a bit dehydrated and tightened up really bad.  I got through the workout, then it was time for the lunges.  These next 800 meters were going to be a determining factor of my upcoming success.


To the Track

I get to the track and my body’s a tightened mess, despite any amount of stretching.  I told myself, “You gotta make it through 800 today.”  Why do I have to make it through?  Because I know that I look like an absolute freak show when I hit day 100 of my lunge streak.  It’s just what it is.  I have to get there.


Pocket Lunges

I decided to roll with pocket lunges for my 800 meters.  If you aren’t familiar with pocket lunges, it’s when you bring your knee past your toe for a deeper stretch.  It’s a slower, more methodical lunge variation that you can use to recover and to increase range of motion.  Groin, hips, hamstrings, ankle, and calves are getting the love… for 800 meters.


No Matter What

That shit took me 46 minutes.  I’m sweating my ass off, everything’s tight, and it’s cold as shit outside.  I was in the fight.  It was one foot in front of the other.  I had to make it.

I also had a bunch of dumb shit that I had to deal with at work that day.  I was at war on the track and at work… all day.  When I finally got home that night, I felt like I got my ass straight handed to me.


The Difference Maker

I woke up three pounds lighter the next morning.  I woke up knowing that I won yesterday, even though it felt rough in the moment.  My 800 meters of lunges were a 20-minute difference, which sounds hilarious.  These factors, along with the business stuff I got through yesterday made it all worth it.

These types of days are the difference-maker.  They are going to happen often.  They’re coming for you.  Ask yourself, “Am I one day closer to realizing my goal, or am I going to give in like a little bitch, and be one day further away?”


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  • Derek Fairchild

    That last line says it all! Don’t give in like a little bitch! Lol amen!

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