#114 Think About Tomorrow

Decision Making

Diet, relationships, work, it doesn’t matter.  We have to make countless decisions in these areas of life every single day.  At the end of the day, success and momentum are based around making good decisions.  Being able to consistently make good decisions comes down to having a good process in place.


What’s the Impact?

How’s this decision going to impact me right now?  Most people make decisions this way.  But what if you took an alternative approach?  What about, "How am I going to feel tomorrow with this decision?” Or "How am I going to feel later with this decision?  How does this decision impact me in the long-term?”  This way of thinking applies to everything.


Understand the Impact

What are you up against today?  Are you wanting to eat something you shouldn’t on a Tuesday night?  Are you missing workouts?  Are you skipping the lunges?  "How is this going to impact me tomorrow and then the next day?  How am I going to feel if I win today and tomorrow?  How am I going to feel if I lose today or tomorrow?" 

I play head games with myself all the time.  These head games are an important part of the process.  So next time you reach for the ice cream, reach for the snooze button, or hit “Buy” on Amazon, ask yourself what the immediate and long-term impact is.  How are you going to feel about it today, tomorrow, or a month from now?  Am I okay with this decision?

Reflecting and becoming more self-aware is going to set you on the path to making better decisions.


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  • Michael Palumbo

    Thanks Cory. Good sound advice for everyday living!!!

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